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"People used to lose bills of lading all the time before they even arrived on the lot...Now we have pictures and emails and the opportunity to use everything we never had before, with Super Dispatch."

Customer Testimonials

Zach, Transportation 
& Service manager

How EM Logistics saves money by reducing false damage claims using Super Dispatch's advanced photo inspection tools.

Charles Jones
Alpha Elite Transport
"I don't have to use anything [other than Super Dispatch], it takes me 6 or 7 minutes now just to cut and copy the VIN numbers, I already have our brokers contacts saved in the system, it's just easy to use."
BRR Transport
"I advertise Super Dispatch to lots of people. When we stop at truck stops, all the truckers are friends and try to help each other. If we see truckers at auctions marking the damages on paper, we introduce them to Super Dispatch. A few people have even done it."

Case Studies

September 30, 2019
Transporting OEMs the Right Way with Right Way Auto

With 32 trucks, Right Way Auto falls squarely within the ?fleet? category of the car hauling industry. It takes decades to build a profitable car hauling business with enough know-how to run a fleet of 32 trucks. And it's precisely for those reasons Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) rely on powerhouses like Right Way to haul […]

September 30, 2019
Car Haulers See 30% Increase in Productivity with Super Dispatch

Car Hauling Success - Communication is Key In 2006, Tiko ?and his wife Aksana started Easy Load in Aurora, Colorado. Like many American immigrants, Tiko and Aksana invested their livelihoods into a small business. By 2012, the company had grown exponentially and he established its new name: Cars Inc. And now in 2018, Tiko heads […]

September 30, 2019
Car Hauling Operation Increases from 1 to 3 Drivers

Jamie Glass did not start out in car hauling, but in car sales. Like so many other successful auto haulers, Jamie spotted an interesting business opportunity in car hauling while working as a shipper for a car dealership. He bought a trailer in 2006 and became a Super Dispatch customer in the spring of 2017. […]

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