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Introducing Super Loadboard

Connecting Auto Transport industry, like never before.
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Super Dispatch - Free Super Loadboard - connecting auto transport shippers and carriers: Image displays three oblong ellipses showcasing how super loadboard can connect shippers and carriers to transport vehicles.
Easy for Carriers

Find, bid, book, and get paid without calls or paperwork

Fast for Shippers

Easily connect with your existing carriers and find new ones to grow your network.

Free for Everyone

Built-in to your Carrier TMS, Shipper TMS, and the Super Dispatch App.

For Carriers

Beyond eliminating paperwork. With optimized loads ready for you, make more with a connected load board allowing you to focus on what's important - transporting cars.
  •    Book your loads on your own time, anytime
  •    Easy Access 24/7
  •    Load suggestions
  •    Instant booking, bidding, and load requests
  •    No status calls, no paperwork
Auto transporters find Free Super Loadboard with display of the desktop and mobile views with booking process
Free Super Loadboard interface aimed at auto transports with carrier insurance and preferred status

For Brokerage

Beyond eliminating paperwork. With optimized loads ready for you, make more with a connected load board allowing you to focus on what's important - transporting cars.
  •    Book your loads on your own time, anytime
  •    Access to shipment pricing
  •    Manage preferred carrier networks
  •    Find new carriers and grow your network
  •    Integrated ePOD - track all shipments
  •    All digital docs with vehicle photos
    Integrated ACH Payments (Coming Soon)
    Customer Portal (Coming Soon)

For Shippers

Easy access to trusted carriers and real-time load offers to get your cars transported quickly and securely.
  •    Manage internal transport
  •    Find and manage carriers
  •    Track shipments
    Easy Carrier Payments (Coming Soon)
Free Super Loadboard interface for auto transport teams with vehicle data and pickup/delivery dates

The Future of Auto Transport

The future of the auto transport industry is here, and Super Dispatch is ahead of it. Our marketplace is designed to help get loads picked quickly, cars moved faster, and access to reliable auto transport professionals. It's time to leave your traditional load board behind. With the modern advancements of the Super Loadboard, the auto transport industry is fully connected and enabled to move more cars faster.

Get More out of Super Loadboard

July 29, 2020
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November 5, 2019
3 Ways Modern Load Boards Help Carriers Win Over Shippers

Winning over Shippers is a tightrope between getting better rates and landing a lane that nets you regular work. If a Shipper has never worked with you - and vice versa - building trust can be extremely difficult. To win over Shippers, first know that you already have an advantage over other old-school Carriers. Using […]

September 26, 2019
Move Cars Faster: How to Get Carriers to Take Your Loads

Ever wonder why your loads aren't moving? Are they just sitting on the load board or stuck in an email inbox? Carriers won't haul just anything, and without a feedback loop, you don't always know why. When a carrier looks at a load, they are looking for signs of a good business deal and that […]

Have Questions?

How do I sign up for Super Loadboard?

First, sign up for Super Dispatch! Super Loadboard is free for our users, including 24/7 booking, requests, bidding and free saved search text and email notifications. If you want to stand out to Shippers, upload your cargo insurance, USDOT certificate and W9 and apply to become a Super Carrier.

Do you have to be a paid member to use the Super Loadboard?

You do not have to be a paid member. If you use the mobile app alone, you can still use the load board to the fullest once you have Super Carrier status.

Is this available on the mobile app?

The load board is available to mobile users. The mobile load board can be turned off if you are a paid Carrier TMS user and do not want your drivers to access it.

Can I post to Super Loadboard?

If you sign up for our Shipper TMS, you can post loads to the load board. You can apply at by clicking sign up and choosing Broker/Shipper for your organization type.

What does the Super Loadboard cost?

The load board is completely free.

Do I need to upload documents/insurance?

In order to bid on loads within the load board, you will have to upload a few documents. We ask that you upload your cargo insurance, your W9, and your USDOT certificate. It will take 1-2 business to authenticate this information. Once it's accepted, you will have Super Carrier status and will be able to bid on loads on the load board.

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