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Before us, the auto transport industry was full of apps, load boards, phone calls, and stacks of paperwork. We’re here to change that.


Now, Carriers, Shippers, and Brokers can use our all-in-one auto transport platform backed by industry leading software.

Powering innovation in the Auto Transport Industry

There is no other company out there right now that is approaching auto transport the way they are.”

Jonathan S.,

General Manager

There is a better way to move cars

Manage your business

Track everything with real-time updates at your fingertips.

Grow your business

Automated workflows help you increase productivity and improve customer interactions with less effort.

Protect your business

All your important documents digitally stored for better security, reduced false claims, and easy access.

All in one platform

For Carriers

For Carriers who don’t have time to bounce around multiple apps and disconnected software. Here is the single source that takes you from load booking to getting paid faster on one platform to manage it all.

Take control of your operation to earn more faster and easier.

It’s a one stop shop. It’s what everybody uses, and it’s all organized.”

Matthew W.,

Woodward Trucking

For Shippers and Brokers

In auto transport, everything begins and ends with Shippers and Brokers with not a second to waste. The Super Dispatch technology streamlines the process and automates the workflows to make your life easier and your business better.

Access increased visibility, real-time tracking, and scale for growth all in one place.

The platform increases visibility, enhances communication, and meets our customer's expectations.”

Alex M.,

RCG Logistics

With unrivaled speed, get loads
matched, booked, and delivered


Save time and increase visibility
with a fully connected platform.


Eliminate paperwork and
manual efforts with a single
source of truth and streamlined

Dedicated support here for you

From onboarding to switching systems, we get you
up and running in 1 day.

Savings for Carriers $23500 /year per truck
Increase Productivity +30% (Cars inc. statistics)