The Smart Way to Haul Cars

Manage your hauling jobs from 20+ load boards from our all-in-one platform.

super dispatch for carriers

“Great software streamlined load management, dispatching and invoicing.”

Kevin Parada, JP Auto Transport

super dispatch for carriers

More Business, Less Phone Tag

Connect with shippers that need your hauling services. Bid and instantly book loads.

super dispatch for carriers

Efficient Fleet Management

Leverage advanced features such as live tracking, temperature control monitoring, and optimized routing.

super dispatch for carriers

Boost Driver Satisfaction

Equip your drivers with the industry-leading Super Dispatch Driver App that offers quick invoicing and eliminates calls and paperwork.

super dispatch for carriers

Simplified Payment Process

Secure quick and on-time payments through direct deposit, instant pay options, factoring, and payment status updates

Streamlining Logistics for
Small Businesses, Fleets, Dispatchers & Drivers

super dispatch for carriers

Small Business

Supercharge your small businesses by automating dispatch, route optimization and document management.

super dispatch for carriers

Fleet Management

Unlock efficient fleet oversight with real-time asset tracking and automated workflows to maximize productivity.

super dispatch for carriers


Simplify dispatching management with automation, seamless communication, and delivery coordination.

super dispatch for carriers


Optimize driver earnings and efficiency through our app featuring seamless payments, instant booking and more.

“I took a look at our 3 biggest processes and broke down the time we were spending on the other load board compared to the time we spent using Super Dispatch. And just on those three processes, we are saving 17 hours a week.”

Meredith Jones, Transportation Manager, Flexco

“When we had a paper bill of lading, I couldn’t bill my customer because the driver had to stop and fax me paperwork. Now I have noticed a sharp difference in my receivables because it’s in billing as soon as it’s delivered. The cash flow is so much quicker.”

Lori Wright, Representative, Right Way Auto Transport

“I’ve been able to grow my business from 1 to 3 trucks just from using Super Dispatch.”

Jamie Glass, Glass Hauling Services, LLC

Look Under the Hood:
Discover the Engine Driving Super Dispatch

super dispatch for carriers

Carrier TMS

Transform your operational efficiency with automated processes, from dispatching to billing, reduced manual errors, and simplified workflows for fleets of any size.

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super dispatch for carriers

Super Loadboard

Access our network of Verified Carriers instantly, with AI-Powered pricing recommendations to move your cars faster while maximizing profitability.

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super dispatch for carriers


Streamline payments with our exclusive ACH system tailored for automative transactions, offering quick invoicing and direct deposits to streamline finances.

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super dispatch for carriers

Driver App

Simplify load hauling with the leading driver app, facilitating eBOLs and photo inspections, boosting your operational efficiency and business growth.

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The Super Dispatch Difference

We’re a trusted brand.

We serve over 70,000 satisfied customers and move more than 100,000 cars each month. Experience the efficiency and reliability that sets us apart.

We work as hard as you do.

We serve carriers and shippers alike, offering solutions that cater to all, from small businesses to major enterprises. Together, we’re setting the pace for how the world moves cars today.


We have your back.

Super Dispatch prioritizes customer success with responsive support via chat, email, and phone, alongside essential resources for seamless operations.

Drive Growth with Super Dispatch

Embrace a comprehensive solution for your auto transport needs. From improved workflows to real-time tracking, Super Dispatch helps you scale seamlessly.

super dispatch for carriers

“We recommend Super Dispatch to all our friends and every trucker we meet!”

Bobirjon K., BRR Carrier LLC

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super dispatch for carriers
super dispatch for carriers
super dispatch for carriers
super dispatch for carriers

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can Carrier TMS simplify my fleet management?

Carrier TMS streamlines fleet management by automating dispatch, tracking shipments in realtime, and simplifying billing processes, making operations more efficient for carriers of all sizes.

How does Super Loadboard help me find more loads?

Super Loadboard offers access to a wide range of loads, with advanced filtering options to match carriers with shipments that suit their schedule and location preferences, enhancing load matching efficiency.

How do I become a Verified Carrier with Super Dispatch?

Carriers must complete a verification process that typically involves submitting company information, insurance details, and possibly undergoing a vetting process to ensure compliance and reliability.

Is Carrier TMS scalable for both small and large fleets?

Yes, Carrier TMS is designed to be scalable, catering to the diverse needs of both small and large fleets by offering customizable features and integrations to suit different operational sizes and complexities.

Is the Driver App free to use for all drivers in my fleet?

Yes, the Driver App is free to use for all drivers in your fleet, providing them with essential tools for load management, photo inspections, and eBOLs, directly connecting to the Super Loadboard and TMS.

What Kind of Support Can I Expect as a Carrier Using Super Dispatch?

We offer 24/7 support from our expert team, ensuring that any queries or issues are resolved promptly to keep your operations running smoothly.

How Does Super Dispatch Ensure the Security of My Data?

Data security is our top priority. We employ robust encryption and compliance measures to protect your information and ensure your operations are secure.

What Training Resources Are Available for New Users?

Super Dispatch provides comprehensive training resources, including one-on-one sessions, tutorials, and support documents to get you up and running effortlessly.