The Smart Way to Ship Cars

Effortlessly streamline your automotive shipping operations with enhanced end-to-end order management.

super dispatch for shipper businesses

“Super Dispatch increased our profitability and decreased time waste.”

Kolby Robinson, AutoSavvy

Real-Time Shipment Visibility

Save time with real-time GPS tracking updates to keep you informed at every turn.

Instant Access to a Verified Carrier Network

Super Dispatch’s network offers thoroughly vetted carriers, each meeting USDOT standards, with W9 and insurance verification. Ensure your vehicles are transported reliably and securely.

Move Cars Faster with Al-Pricing Recommendations

Streamline quoting with dynamic pricing recommendations to instantly calculate rates that get your loads booked faster.

Automated Document Handling

Save time in your logistics workflow with automated documentation and invoicing, from order to payment all from one platform.

Streamlining Logistics for
Dealers, Brokers, Auctions, and Fleets

super dispatch for shipper businesses


Super Dispatch helps brokers access reliable carriers quickly, optimizing profits through precise load pricing and secure vehicle transport.

super dispatch for shipper businesses


Super Dispatch helps dealers save time and enhance customer satisfaction with instant access to trusted carriers to get your vehicles delivered faster.

super dispatch for shipper businesses


Super Dispatch simplifies auction logistics, providing real- time tracking updates and automated documentation, improving efficiency and productivity.

super dispatch for shipper businesses

Fleet Leasing

Super Dispatch simplifies fleet logistics with real-time tracking, digital dispatch, and route optimization to maximize productivity.

“I took a look at our 3 biggest processes and broke down the time we were spending on the other load board compared to the time we spent using Super Dispatch. And just on those three processes, we are saving 17 hours a week.”

Meredith Jones, Transportation Manager, Flexco Fleet Services

“Super Dispatch really does the job for us. We only have to do a few things. We don’t have to hire to scale or just increase our business. We can just use Super Dispatch and it does it for us.”

Dennis Robbins, Director of Transportation, AutoLenders

“By enabling things with Super Dispatch, like the API and automation, it’s about getting that next step done that much quicker and enabling data accuracy has been a big win for us.”

Jason Godek, VP of Asset Management, Merchants Fleet

Look Under the Hood:
Discover The Engine Driving Super Dispatch

super dispatch for shipper businesses

Shipper TMS

Optimize shipping operations with intuitive tools, real- time visibility, and streamlined paperwork, enhancing satisfaction while reducing costs.

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super dispatch for shipper businesses

Super Loadboard

Access our network of Verified Carriers instantly, with Al-Powered pricing recommendations to move your cars faster while maximizing profitability.

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super dispatch for shipper businesses


Improve cash flow and foster trust with our exclusive ACH system developed to remove the hassle of automotive transactions.

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super dispatch for shipper businesses

Driver App

Simplify logistics with the leading driver app, facilitating seamless transport management, real-time tracking, and enhanced shipping efficiency.

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The Super Dispatch Difference

We are industry neutral.

We pride ourselves on being independently owned and operated. As the only platform not tied to a brokerage, we’re here to push your operations forward with impartial, trusted solutions.

We work as hard as you do.

We serve shippers and carriers alike, offering solutions that cater to all, from small businesses to major enterprises. Together, we’re setting the pace for how the world moves cars today.


We have your back.

Super Dispatch prioritizes customer success with responsive support via chat, email, and phone, alongside essential resources for seamless operations.

Drive Growth with Super Dispatch

Embrace a comprehensive solution for your auto transport needs. From improved workflows to real-time tracking, Super Dispatch helps you scale seamlessly.

“Super Dispatch automated our processes, reducing the time and manpower required to process payments.”

Lisa M., Jack Cooper

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes Super Dispatch Ideal for Shippers?

Super Dispatch offers a unified platform that simplifies vehicle transportation, providing real-time tracking, efficient load matching, and streamlined workflows, making it perfect for shippers of any size.

How Can Super Dispatch Help Reduce My Shipping Costs?

By optimizing workflows, improving load efficiency, and reducing idle times, Super Dispatch helps lower operational costs and increase your bottom line.

What Size of Shipping Operations Does Super Dispatch Support?

Our platform is designed for versatility, catering to small business needs as well as meeting the demands of some of the largest enterprises with customizable solutions.

How Does Real-Time Tracking Work with Super Dispatch?

Our real-time tracking feature enhances customer service by offering up-to-the-minute GPS updates on vehicle shipments. This ensures transparency, improves planning and communication, and empowers our customers to provide superior service to their clients.

Can Super Dispatch Integrate with My Existing Systems?

Yes, Super Dispatch is built to seamlessly integrate with a range of existing systems, enhancing your operational efficiency without disrupting your workflow.

What Kind of Support Can I Expect as a Shipper Using Super Dispatch?

We offer responsive chat, email, and phone support from our expert team, ensuring that any queries or issues are resolved promptly to keep your operations running smoothly.

How Does Super Dispatch Ensure the Security of My Data?

Data security is our top priority. We employ robust encryption and compliance measures to protect your information and ensure your operations are secure. Learn more about SOC2 Type II standards.

What Training Resources Are Available for New Users?

Super Dispatch provides comprehensive training resources, including one-on-one sessions, tutorials, and support documents to get you up and running effortlessly.