Shipper TMS

The Total Transport Management System for Shippers and Brokers

Easily manage end-to-end auto transport with our Shipper TMS

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lower operating expenses


transactions without increasing overhead


Verified Carriers

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Smarter Auto Shipping Software

Manage everything in one place

Easy transport and load management

Simplify order creation, dispatching, and management while minimizing errors and boosting productivity with our intuitive platform.

Access verified Carriers

Work with a robust network of monitored carriers for more reliable transport and trustworthy partnership.

Streamline Communication

With real-time status updates, reduce friction for efficient communication between Shippers, Brokers, Carriers, and customers.

Elevate operational efficiency

Real-time Tracking

Save time and reduce ongoing status calls with instant vehicle and driver GPS tracking, from pickup to delivery.

Streamline Carrier payments with SuperPay

Offer complete payment visibility, with integrated payments processing without the security risk or human error.

Instant Pricing Data

Leverage our trending industry data to instantly price your loads strategically and fairly to get your loads booked and moved faster. Learn more

Simplify business management

Better business insights with centralized data

Use custom integrations, like Quickbooks and a CRM, to centralize data and automate workflows for ultimate time savings.

Gain valuable financial insights

Customize reports to do financial analysis, track accounts receivable and payable, manage invoices, and monitor profit and loss.

Simplify workflow and order management

Customize order tags by keywords, labels, categories, or statuses to easily sort and filter orders to find what you need quickly.

Effortlessly manage loads and dispatch

Assign role-based permissions

Assign specific, customizable user roles (admin, dispatch, sales, accounting) to optimize team collaboration.

Achieve hub and spoke distribution

Split or combine orders to meet your specific needs and improve the billing process.

Offer a dedicated customer portal

Provide real-time load tracking status updates and order submission to proactively keep customers in the loop.

With Super Dispatch, we’ve been able to build such an incredible network of Carriers, all while Carrier management has been completely simplified.
− Brittony G., TQL

Why choose the platform built for auto shipping excellence

Streamlined Operations

Improve processes, optimize workflows, and streamline financials with the support of your Customer Success Manager to reach your goals.

Complete Visibility

Monitor your entire business. Gain insight into every aspect of shipping to eliminate guesswork and make more strategic choices.

Customer Satisfaction

Boost retention and your bottom line. Provide a seamless experience to every customer with real-time load tracking and easy order submission.

Advanced Automation

Improve every day with ease. Reduce manual work and elevate your operations from finance to order handling without complicated systems and tools.

Find out how to ship cars 20% faster

We make it easy to oversee everything from dispatch to delivery.

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