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[UPDATES] Super Dispatch’s Payment Feature, SuperPay

by Ben Price


Over the years, the auto transport industry has become more efficient thanks to new tech and advanced software like load boards and transportation management systems. However, one problem that has lacked any sort of real solution over the years has been the payment process. This is arguably one of the biggest problems in the auto transport industry, and has been holding it back for years. 

In order to collect payment, Carriers have had to jump through several hoops including sending tax documents and banking info to each customer, often calling to confirm information received, waiting for Shippers to process it, and waiting even longer to receive payments with zero visibility of the process along the way. Dealers and brokers have had an equally frustrating experience, with some car haulers only accepting certain forms of payments, causing disorganization from juggling various different payment apps that each require separate accounts and can sometimes take anywhere from four to six business days to process payments.

Overall, the payment process has been an absolute nightmare, causing both sides to sink countless hours into a process that is frankly convoluted, incredibly disorganized, and without any sort of streamlined option for sending or receiving payments.

That is, until now: This huge issue is now getting solved by Super Dispatch’s brand new feature, SuperPay, which revolutionizes the payment process as it is the only seamless in-product payment solution in the entire auto transport industry. Here are the biggest reasons why your business needs SuperPay:

Newest Enhancement:

Additional SuperPay Terms are here🎉

Due to popular demand, we expanded our current SuperPay offering to quickly adjust to your business needs.

Now you can send SuperPay orders with 5, 10, 15, and 20 Business Days terms in addition to the existing 1-3 Business Days term.

How does it work?

Select the payment term that fits your business. Post the order to the Super Loadboard and get it dispatched to the carrier. This is how the carriers will see the load with the SuperPay method and terms.

Once the order gets delivered by the carrier, SuperPay will automatically set the Charge Scheduled and Deposit Expected dates inside the order based on your terms. In general, a charge to your bank account will happen one business day prior to the Deposit Expected date. This puts a lot less pressure on your daily cash flow. SuperPay will no longer charge your bank account at Pickup for the 5, 10, 15, and 20 Business Days terms.

Automated Payments

SuperPay allows Shippers, dealers, and auctions to easily automate their Carrier payments process, preventing them from having to onboard every Carrier to an external, fragmented payments system. Payment is automated immediately after a delivery is verified, which means that Carriers will never again have to chase down Shippers for payments or be left wondering when a payment will be processed. Instead of having to request or send payments manually, which wastes time for everyone, payments can simply be automated – saving both stress and time for everyone.

Consistency and Transparency

One major issue with outside payment applications is that not all of them are reliable or consistent. Other apps take longer to process payments, limit how much users can send per week, and lack transparency. This creates huge problems for businesses regularly processing payments and dependent on receiving timely payments.

SuperPay offers consistent payment delivery times, as users will receive money within 2 to 5 business days. In addition, with our full transparency, Carriers are able to track their payments and receive updates every step of the way. 

We’re finally putting an end to the waiting and guessing game. Carriers deserve reliable, transparent pay and Shippers need their valuable time back to focus on their business critical initiatives. With SuperPay – you now get both. 

Fully Integrated

One of the most annoying parts of trying to send or receive payments in the auto transportation industry has been the time consuming process of entering or managing banking info into outside systems. Because not all car haulers use the same payment apps, dealers and brokers are often stuck with creating multiple accounts, and switching back and forth between them for each individual car hauler. Carriers have a similar problem, by having to use outside applications just to request payments.

SuperPay is fully integrated with Super Dispatch’s platform, which means that Carriers and Shippers no longer have to link their business banking info to different fragmented payment apps – SuperPay is built-in to the platform, which means the entire process is seamless, transparent, and can be fully controlled within the same system. It can also be connected with Quickbooks or any other software through the use of Super Dispatch APIs.

Try It Today

SuperPay is available to use today! If you’re already a Super Dispatch user, then consider trying it now. It only requires a one-time setup. Get started with automated payments today.

Not on Super Dispatch, but think this sounds like something that you could use? Sign up now for your free demo! Super Dispatch is everything you need to move cars, including an advanced load board, TMS software, and tons of great features that makes auto transportation easier and more efficient than ever before. Brokers, dealers, and auto auctions can request a demo of Shipper TMS, while car haulers can try a free trial of the Carrier TMS today!

Published on January 18, 2023


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