Why Auto Auctions Should Use GPS Tracking



Running an auto auction business can be incredibly lucrative and financially rewarding for many, especially when it comes to online car auctions. Offering shipping services can allow auto auction businesses to increase their revenue stream substantially. However, this tactic is not without its own list of potential pitfalls.

For one, being able to vet your car haulers and then adequately keep track of them during the delivery process can both prove difficult. But fortunately, thanks to modern online tools such as Super Dispatch, auction owners now have the ability to link up with pre-vetted carriers, and easily track shipped loads via GPS tracking. Here’s why auto auctions should use GPS tracking and the major benefits of using it:

Track Your Shipments in Real-Time

Offering to ship cars is an excellent way for your auto business to open your organization up to a wider marketplace, and can easily increase your income by a large margin. However, having the ability to track where shipments are is absolutely critical if you want to stay on top of things and avoid delays!

With GPS tracking, you’ll be able to track all of your active shipments in real-time, all while receiving updates from carriers. Our GPS tracking system allows you to see how far along your loads are in the shipping process, see if there are any delays, and when it has been successfully delivered – which goes a long way in providing great service.

Provide Good Customer Service

On that same note, GPS tracking also offers a huge benefit to customers by providing them with up-to-date information on their deliveries. In our current technology-driven world, consumers expect their online to be delivered faster than ever, including larger purchases such as cars. Furthermore, consumers expect to receive constant updates on their shipments, via features like customer portals that offer real-time tracking.

With Super Dispatch’s Shipper TMS and load board, our tool grants your business the ability to track your loads, while allowing customers a way to view updates via a customer portal during the shipping process which helps them stay content and satisfied – which reflects very positively on you and your business.

Better Communication & Planning

Another reason why auto auctions may want to use GPS tracking is that it can improve communication within your business. Good communication and planning are huge when running a successful business, and being able to see where loads are in real-time greatly improves how your company can function and plan around them.

Because you can see exactly where a load is as it is shipped, you’ll be capable of seeing when orders get delayed, be able to tell customers, and learn from them in order to avoid future delays – which will better your business in the long run.

Invest in Super Dispatch

If your auto auction business would benefit from GPS tracking, you should consider investing in Super Dispatch.

Super Dispatch is an all-in-one platform for auto transportation that packs in an advanced transportation management system and load board, allowing your business to easily manage loads, connect and do business with car haulers, and track orders in real-time. If this sounds like a feature that your business could use, then feel free to try it out – request a demo today!

Published on August 26, 2022

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