How Car Auctions Continue to Play a Critical Role in the Auto Industry


A man holding a model car and a gavel at an auction

If you’re at all familiar with the vehicle transport marketplace these days, you probably already know that used car sales are on the rise—and that dealerships nationwide are scrambling to ensure their customers have a healthy selection to choose from.

As the auto industry continues to face challenges ensuring plenty of affordable inventory to meet the demand, one important tool may be going overlooked by dealerships and sellers: the car auction. While some sellers may have turned their focus exclusively to new cars over the years, the industry is shifting again and wholesale auctions for used cars are still just as important as ever.

Here’s how auto auctions can help dealerships like yours.

1.) Keeping Up with Demand

With the supply chain still in dire straits, issues like shipping delays, chip shortages, and labor shortages are compounding the struggle to keep new cars coming off the assembly line and onto dealer lots. In order to keep up with the demand, many buyers are turning instead to used car options for their next purchase.

Car auctions help sellers boost their inventory fast, and often with better profit margins. Auto auctions can be a great tool for keeping cars coming in—cars that meet industry standards and are priced reliably.

2.) Maintaining Auto Inventory

Maintaining inventory is, of course, a rolling issue, and sellers need to be prepared to serve not only today’s customers but tomorrow’s as well. How can you make sure you’re offering your prospective buyers a better selection of cars into the future?

Car auctions can be a great tool for expanding or diversifying your inventory over time. Plus, car auctions—like so many other things—are increasingly going online, making it even easier to keep up with your inventory needs moving forward without adding extra travel, back-and-forth, and other administrative burdens to your plate.

Sedans lined up for a car auction

3.) Ensuring Affordability

Consumers have quite a few concerns to keep in mind in this day and age: the ongoing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, economic uncertainty in the face of global instability, and rising inflation and increases in the cost of living. It’s no surprise that many buyers are now putting affordability at the top of their list when choosing their next car.

Car auctions can help you keep costs as low as possible for your customers with vehicles that can be purchased, reconditioned, and converted to the dealership lot quickly. And with bulk buys and bundled shipments, the acquisition costs can be even cheaper when you opt for wholesale purchases. What’s not to love about that?

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The auto industry is facing plenty of obstacles right now, and the vehicle transport marketplace is busier than ever ensuring cars get where they need to be. Getting ahead of the game can be as simple as investing in a transportation management system that can help you find reliable shippers, track deliveries, manage paperwork, and increase efficiency in your operations.

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Published on April 28, 2022

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