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How to Improve Auto Transport Communication

by Kacie LaCombe

When you’re moving cars, changes are inevitable and clear communication is critical.

If you’re relying on a hodge-podge system of sticky notes, phone trees, and stitched-together software solutions, it is time to upgrade your auto transport communication efforts. With an advanced auto transport platform like Super Dispatch, you can rest easy that critical communication isn’t getting lost—or lost in translation—because the tools are there to help you streamline your process with one easy-to-use platform.

Keep in Touch

When you have drivers on the road and loads in transit, staying in touch has always been a little challenging. Luckily, the days of manual dialing and massive stacks of paperwork are over! Auto transport no longer relies on endless phone calls or analog communication in order to coordinate dispatches, tracking, inspections, or payments. And that’s a good thing—because shipping costs and arrival times are changing all the time.

But even with advances in technology, your auto transport operation can end up with communication problems. You may end up stuck on hold trying to get an update. You might have to suffer delays while trying to transfer information from one platform to another. You could have a security issue or compliance problem that stalls a delivery.

Those obstacles are a waste of your resources that will inevitably cost you money, time, and potentially even customers. Being able to communicate clearly and quickly across your operation is absolutely critical to ensuring your auto transport business is successful. 

An All-in-One Platform Can Help

All-in-one can feel like a buzzword, but finding an effective system that really has everything you need can simplify your communication efforts – amongst other things. With a completely connected system, you can streamline communication and more effectively connect when all the information is easily accessible. Upgrading your system helps you track everything in one place and to share information with anyone who needs to be in the know, without all the hassle. When you’re not worried about how to manage your auto transport communication, you get time back to focus on what you do best: running your business. 

Get Notifications

Through an advanced system, you can setup free notifications that alert Carriers instantly on available loads on your preferred route, provide status updates to shippers and dispatchers from pickup to delivered, and  Receive these instant notifications at every step of the way, helping you stay on top of your loads without all the extra back-and-forth, duplicate updates, or panic about the status of a load.

Automate, Automate, Automate

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel with every load or transaction. Automation is the key to not just taking your business to the next level, but to improving your overall communication. For Shippers, if you access an auto transport platform that can connect to a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM), you can automate your messaging to customers and contacts. In addition to messaging, communication between your tools is equally as important. By utilizing an auto transport platform that can connect to your accounting software while also automating payment processing and load posting drastically benefits your systems communication, company internal communication, and a better communication effort with customers or drivers. 

Customer Communication

Particularly for shippers and brokers, impressing customers and elevating customer service is the key to growing your business and getting returning business. With an accessible customer portal, you can give your customers direct access to a portal where they can track status updates on their vehicles. This help eliminate the missed calls or overwhelming texts while also streamlining all the info they need from you with just a click of a link. Don’t leave your customers wondering if their shipments are moving as planned and don’t get bogged down playing the middle man. Share notifications, status updates, and other relevant information directly so they don’t have to reach out to their broker or carrier.


Super Dispatch is committed to helping auto shippers and carriers move faster, smarter, and easier. We know that auto transport communication is key, and our tools help you manage all your processes with efficiency and ease.

Want to learn more about how Super Dispatch’s auto transport communication solutions can help you streamline and expand your operations? Sign up for your free trial today!

Published on June 18, 2021


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