3 Benefits to Using GPS Tracking For Your Auto Transport Business

by Ben Price

Modern technology can go a long way with improving your auto transport business, and simplify everything from completing paperwork to sending and receiving billing invoices. But one of the greatest advantages of implementing modern tech into your auto transportation work is the use of GPS tracking.

Earlier this year, Super Dispatch got a major update with the introduction of GPS tracking, one of the most requested features by our users. The feature allows users both of the shippers’ end and customer end to track shipments via GPS tracking. Today, we’ll be sharing three benefits of using Super Dispatch’s GPS tracking feature for your auto transport business, and why you should consider trying it yourself!

Keeping Track of Driver Locations

The most obvious reason why GPS tracking is helpful is how it allows users to always know exactly where drivers and shipments are, right down to their exact location. This is great for those who want drivers on a tight schedule and may want to monitor the status of their transport drivers at any given time.

With GPS tracking businesses can have a better idea of where their drivers are exactly, keep a closer eye if they so wish, and are easily able to directly contact them straight from the app.

Offers Customers Peace of Mind

In the age of Amazon Prime, customers expect shipments to arrive in a timely manner, regardless of whether they’ve ordered food, a new pair of shoes, or a new car. As impatient as we are, we want to be able to check on our orders in real-time, to see how close it is to delivery.  With Super Dispatch’s new feature, customers can do exactly that!

Our GPS tracking feature gives customers a better peace of mind by allowing them to check on the status of their order at any given time through the use of Super Dispatch’s customer portal. It’s not only very useful, but also extremely user-friendly and easy to use. Through just a couple of clicks, customers can check on their orders in real-time, see where it is exactly on a map, and even receive updates from the driver themselves. It’s incredibly simple, and goes a long way in improving customer satisfaction.

Improve Safety & Maximize Productivity

The road can be a dangerous place for many, especially during late hours of the day. Our GPS tracking systems can actually help to improve the safety of car haulers, by allowing auto transport businesses help navigate their drivers on the safest routes possible. 

Since fleet owners have the ability to see their drivers’ GPS location as well as their overall route, they have the ability to navigate their drivers down the safest or quickest routes possible, which can both save time and the maximize the safety of their drivers. With this feature, you can help avoid problem areas or recent accidents, traffic slowdowns, and any other obstacles.

Try It Today

If you’re looking for the best TMS solution for your auto transport business, then consider trying out Super Dispatch – our all-in-one platform allows users to send BOLs, file paperwork, track and manage shipments and more all in one place, with our mobile application. Move cars faster today with Super Dispatch! Request a demo from us today.

Published on May 18, 2022


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