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How Car Retailers Can Stay Competitive While Facing Post-COVID Industry Shifts

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As the automotive industry continues to find its footing again after the first waves of the COVID pandemic, many car retailers are anxious for the dust to settle. While we can’t predict what’s ahead, we can tell you that there are still plenty of ways to stay competitive in this new landscape—and to strengthen your foundation for the future—including leveraging a Shipper TMS (transportation management system).

Learn how with these three ways to compete in the auto marketplace in 2022 and beyond!

1. Follow the Demand

Since the coronavirus first appeared on the scene, online sales have seen a huge increase. People expanded their virtual shopping to include everything from toilet paper to, well, cars. While online sales for automobiles were a little slow to take off compared to other industries, stay-at-home orders, quarantining guidelines, and a reluctance for additional exposure to the virus ultimately made many more buyers open to the idea. 

And as demand has accelerated, new car inventory has slowed—and used cars have become a hot commodity. Increasing inventory of used cars can help car retailers and dealerships meet their customers’ needs with a wider choice and a variety of price-points. Taking advantage of car auctions and other off-the-beaten-path sources can be a great way to boost the selection you can offer buyers.

2. Expand Your Network

The trouble that COVID has instigated isn’t just limited to the impact of the virus itself, of course. Increased demand for cars, the shortage of computer chips for new car production, inflation and higher gas prices, and a shortage of qualified drivers to transport vehicles have created a difficult storm for car retailers to navigate. 

Just as expanding your inventory sources to include wholesale auctions, trade-ins, and direct purchases from individuals can improve your selection, expanding your carrier network with trustworthy partners can make all the difference in your operations’ success.

There is no need to waste time taking chances on unknown carriers who may not be as reliable as you ought to have, especially if you are a new shipper. With a shipper TMS that connects to Super Dispatch’s load board, you can quickly access a robust network of car haulers. And with the ability to mark your favorite carriers as preferred carriers, you can skip the back and forth, book new loads with our instant booking feature, and move your cars even faster.

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3. Invest in Your Own Infrastructure

Car retailers can also take this opportunity to improve their efficiency behind the scenes. By investing in your own infrastructure, you can streamline your processes and make it even easier to successfully scale up down the road. This is particularly important when there are factors like driver shortages or supply chain woes outside of your control. Cutting down on your administrative time and effort now can help you make way for future growth.

With a shipper TMS, for instance, you can automate tasks, reduce errors and mistakes, improve communication, and ensure that your cars make it to their destinations safely and efficiently. Plus, tools like our modern load board and the ability to integrate your auto transport platform with your other systems (like email or accounting software) make managing your transports even simpler.

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At Super Dispatch, we’re committed to helping you keep your inventory moving with auto transport technology designed specifically with the car industry in mind. Our shipper TMS, auto transport load board, and other digital solutions can help you minimize frustrations and maximize growth.

Ready to see how Super Dispatch can help you move cars faster, smarter, and easier? We’re ready to help! Sign up for your free trial to get started today.

Published on September 21, 2022


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