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Biggest Benefits of Super Dispatch’s Load Matching

by Ben Price

Traditionally, finding a Carrier to take your shipment can be a tiresome, monotonous, and time-consuming task, particularly for new Shippers. Before the days of advanced load boards, users used to have to spend time on the phone with multiple different Carriers in order to negotiate prices and find the best fit driver to take their load. 

But with the introduction of Super Loadboard, the process has become streamlined and significantly less work for both parties – and it’s even easier with load matching.

Load matching is quite simple: users who have trouble finding Carriers on Super Loadboard may contact our Marketplace Operations Team who will work to match their loads with car haulers based on route, matching up shipments with drivers that operate on the same area. This offers many benefits to both shippers and carriers alike, in many ways; here are the biggest benefits of load matching and why you should try using it today!

Build Your Network

Finding Carriers to take your load in your route is a more difficult task that one may expect, particularly for newer Shippers. Getting Super Dispatch’s load matching assistance can therefore be an integral part of finding car haulers. Finding your first few initial Carriers can of course snowball into building up one’s business contacts, and establishing a network of Carriers.

This is integral for all businesses, as having an established network of Carriers will allow you to move cars faster moving forward. Once you have Carriers that you truly trust, you’ll be able to mark them as “Preferred Carriers,” which unlocks the Instant Booking feature – saving even more money and time.

Earn More Money

As a result of saving more time, getting your loads matched with Carriers allows you to earn more money – with time saved in the booking process, it means that both carriers and shippers can earn more money. 

Carriers earn more, as they’ll be able to spend more time moving cars and less time searching on a load board. Shippers earn more money by spending less time negotiating and sifting through carriers, and use their time for other facets of their business instead. Overall, all parties benefit from load matching, and can earn more as a result.

Gaining an Advantage Over the Competition

The auto transport industry can be fairly competitive for both Carriers and Shippers. Having the ability to find loads and move cars in a more efficient and streamlined manner is very valuable. Thus, utilizing our load matching assistance should be a no-brainer, as getting matched up with appropriate loads not only saves carriers time, but it also cuts down the competition when compared to other load boards like Central Dispatch, which can often be a free-for-all.

As for shippers, load matching proves to be a great way to gain an advantage over businesses, as you’ll be able to move your cars much faster, and requires less manpower so more time can be spent on other aspects of your business.

If you think that your business would benefit from this, then consider trying Super Dispatch today – it’s free for Carriers to try, and Shippers can request a demo today!

Published on September 20, 2022


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