Useful Metrics That Shippers Can Access Directly from their TMS Dashboard

by Ben Price

A transportation management system, or TMS, can be incredibly useful for auto auctioneers, auto transport brokers, and car dealers alike, by providing tons of helpful info and simplifying the process of shipping vehicles online. With Super Dispatch’s Shipper TMS, users can track their shipments in real time, communicate directly with both customers and car haulers, and store all of your valuable information in one place.

But using a TMS software can be a little bit confusing at first – so for those still learning how Super Dispatch’s Shipper TMS app works, one of the best places to start is by taking a look at the Dashboard. Here, users can access plenty of details related to their orders, the status of their deliveries, and even find information regarding carriers within their region. These are some of the most useful metrics and features that can be accessed directly from the Shipper TMS dashboard.

View Which Carriers Have the Most On-Time and Delayed Deliveries

The Shipper TMS Dashboard can display several handy metrics for users, with one of the most useful being the ability to view the top five carriers that you’ve worked with who’ve experienced pickup delays, as well as the five carriers with delivery delays. This is a useful metric, as it shows you at a glance which of your carriers are more likely to make deliveries on-time, as well as which ones to avoid.

When booking new shipments, time is of the utmost importance – delivering orders late can result in upset customers, which may negatively impact your business. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid booking carriers who have a history of pick up and delivery delays.

Number of Vehicles Delivered

Another useful metric that can be found on the Shipper TMS Dashboard is the “Orders Delivered” section – here, you can see how many orders have been successfully delivered for the current month. Additionally, below “Orders Delivered,” users can view the past three months’ deliveries, showing exactly how many successful deliveries were in prior months. 

This is a great feature for users who have specific monthly goals, as it allows you to keep track of your deliveries quickly at a glance and compare numbers between the previous three months and now.

View All On-Time and Delayed Pickups and Deliveries

The Shipper TMS dashboard not only lets you keep track of orders that have been processed and completed successfully, but also allows you to view any and all of your deliveries and pickups that have been delayed. These two metrics are viewable under the “Delayed Pick Ups” and “Delayed Deliveries” sections in the dashboard, and essentially tell you how many orders have been delayed in total.

These metrics are useful as it lets users see, at a short glance, how many delayed pickups and deliveries there have been. Additionally, users can click on the “View Orders” button, which will take them to a separate page that shows which orders were delayed, along with all of the information associated with each order. 

Vehicles That Have Been Picked Up and Delivered Today

For auto transport brokers and dealers who have several pending orders that must be delivered by specific dates, it’s helpful to be able to see at a glance how many orders have been picked up and delivered on a daily basis. Users can see this information directly from their Dashboard, under the sections marked “Picked Up Today” and “Delivered Today.” We love this feature, because it’s an easy way to see the status of orders, whether deliveries are on time, or if certain orders are behind.

Overall, the Dashboard is a very useful page, as it displays tons of important information all in one place. Users who don’t have time to click through a dozen different pages just to see some information can save time by viewing it all in one place.

Super Dispatch’s Shipper TMS is one of the best tools for running your auto transport business, so you should consider trying it out today if you haven’t already. Aside from viewing helpful metrics, our TMS software allows you to track orders in real time via GPS, communicate directly with drivers, store helpful information, create and send reports, handle billing, and much more. Request a demo today!

Published on July 8, 2022


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