Auto Transport’s First Ever GPS Tracking Launched by Super Dispatch

by Kacie LaCombe

At Used Car Week, we heard panel after panel of auto auctions, car dealerships, brokers, and online platforms all ask for the same thing – GPS tracking. It’s the future of auto transport and a single feature that could change their daily operation. So we built it.

Super Dispatch is excited to announce the newest feature of our auto transport platform – GPS tracking. Visibility has never been easier. Shippers and carriers can have full, real-time tracking with instant notifications and accurate ETA sharing with their customers, all in one place, for the very first time.

Within our platform, over 70% of loads have guaranteed tracking and carrier GPS participation. Carriers and Shippers will be able to access and provide:

  1. Pre-pickup ETAs
  2. Updates on late pickups and deliveries
  3. Map view tracking in the TMS and BOL
  4. Shareable ETAs for customers through the eBOL
  5. Save time on back-and-forth status calls
  6. Improve their customers’ experiences

All vehicles can seamlessly be tracked at their current location on a precise map view. Real-time tracking is easily accessible to view in the Shipper Transportation Management System (TMS) and easily shareable with shipper customers through the electronic Bill of Lading (eBOL) on the Super Dispatch platform. For carriers, this allows for less time on the phone, less stressful back-and-forth, and increases trust between themselves and the shipper.

GPS tracking is the number one requested feature in the auto industry. It solves numerous problems around communication, wasted time, and their customers’ experiences. And we have built a platform to solve all of this for both shippers and carriers,” said Bek Abdullayev, Super Dispatch’s founder and CEO.

As the newest advanced feature, GPS tracking is immediately available for carriers to activate and shippers to access. The auto transport platform provides a comprehensive, end-to-end platform for moving cars. With a TMS, advanced load board, and now real-time GPS tracking in one place, shippers and carriers using Super Dispatch can manage transport with more visibility and less time tracking than its competitors.

Ready to get rid of your load tracking headache? Sign up for a free demo to get started today. Already a Carrier and want to enable tracking? Here is how

Published on February 16, 2022


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