How McCollister’s Transportation Group Saved Money and Time with Super Dispatch

McCollister’s Transportation Group + Super Dispatch: At a Glance

McCollister’s Transport was ready to launch an auto logistics business unit that lived up to their reputation for white-glove customer service in the transport industry, but they needed an advanced auto transport platform backed by a flexible transportation management system to partner with to make it happen.


+ Provide an exceptional customer service experience with real-time transport updates

+ Create a lean team that doesn’t spend all their time on the phone or in their inbox

+ Eliminate reliance on spreadsheets, data mining, and data management through automation

Super Dispatch helped the McCollister’s team build a fully functioning ecosystem, an advanced auto transport platform that leverages the Super Dispatch API to integrate information, automate manual processes, give customers a blue-chip experience, and prepare for future growth.


+ Cut turnaround time in half for providing documentation to customers

+ Offers instant quoting and booking without extra calls or emails

+ Saved more than $150,000 in annual staffing costs and cut SG&A by 25%

The Challenge: Maximizing Functionality for a Brand-new Business Unit

Over 75 years ago, McCollister’s Global Services, Inc. launched their family-owned business with a focus on household goods. Since then, the team has expanded into many different sectors – including banks and credit unions, healthcare, and entertainment. That expansion would eventually include auto transport for high-end brands, with McCollister’s building their own fleet of 100 enclosed trucks.

With opportunity knocking at their door, McCollister’s Transport decided to launch their newest business unit: auto shipping management. Starting from scratch, auto transport veteran Marco Maggiore was hired as the VP of McCollister’s Transportation Group, tasked to build the auto logistics business unit from the ground up to partner with other carriers.

Maggiore knew exactly what he needed to realize this vision – a fully functioning ecosystem that could maximize team functionality while providing an exceptional customer experience.


The Solution: A Partnership with an Advanced Transportation Management System + Load Board

While McCollister’s was already well-versed in the auto transport business, owning their own fleet and employing their own drivers meant they hadn’t needed a dedicated program to manage transports. Maggiore’s team would need an advanced Transportation Management System (TMS) to keep them from getting bogged down in data management as they began working with additional carriers, and so he began building McCollister’s Auto Vista Portal. 

It was mission critical to find a customizable TMS that had multiple streams of connectivity, including accounting software, a load board, and the McCollister’s-owned customer portal. But as Maggiore explains,

Most TMSs were off-the-shelf products with no flexibility or adaptability in their technology. We needed a partner to be that missing cog that brought everything together for us.”

It didn’t take long for him to call Super Dispatch, who he was already familiar with as an industry leader, and he set a meeting with CEO Bek Abdullayev and Head of Product Vin Yuldashev.

It was evident that this was the perfect partnership based on aligned philosophies, the product flexibility, and the mutually realized vision of the complete ecosystem.”

By partnering with Super Dispatch and leveraging the API, Maggiore was able to create a central and streamlined process for his entire department. With information from drivers coming through to the TMS – and connecting the TMS to McCollister’s Auto Vista Portal – Maggiore was able to operate from what he called an information superhighway.

The information is now coming in directly from the source, which adds speed and accuracy in everything we do. All of this gets instantly updated in the Auto Vista Portal, so our customers know everything they need to know as soon as it comes into the TMS.”

With this automated information connection to the existing McCollister’s tools, the auto transport program has been able to live up to McCollister’s acclaimed reputation and offer the white-glove customer service that is at the core of everything they do.

The success of the Auto Vista Portal wouldn’t be possible or have nearly the same level of success without the free-flowing information through the Super Dispatch TMS.”


The Results: Time Savings, Cost Savings, and a Better Customer Experience

Maggiore’s two primary goals in building the Auto Vista Portal were to create an ecosystem for an improved customer experience and to establish a very lean team. Leveraging a platform that can automate the most manual and time-consuming processes while enabling existing team members to move quickly made it possible to do both.

I believe that the ecosystem we have built with Super Dispatch, as part of its core, has allowed me to reduce my selling, general, and administrative (SG&A) costs by 25–30%.”

Today, the team uses custom reporting on the Super Dispatch platform to ensure they are falling within margin, to optimize competitive pricing and delivery times, to review analytics on what lanes are getting the most and least bookings, and to manage accounting data.

Without Super Dispatch, we’d have to hire a data specialist to extract information, format, and go back to spreadsheet madness. It would be significantly more challenging and time consuming. This easily equates to an annual savings of over $150,000 in staffing requirements alone.”

Those savings, both in money and in time, have allowed the McCollister’s team to focus more of their time on what really counts: the customer experience, which is at the core of their business.

Our customers have an expectation to receive all documents within 10 days, and with Super Dispatch, we submit within 5 days.”


The Future: Leveraging Today’s Success for Additional Growth

When you’ve been as successful as the McCollister’s Group has been for so long, you’re always ready to capitalize on the future.

Now that the McCollister’s auto transport management program is up and running successfully, the team has begun planning their next steps to branch out into other transport sectors with the same quality McCollister’s is known for. As part of this ambitious growth plan, they look forward to continuing their collaboration with Super Dispatch to build additional success together.

Published on January 12, 2022


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