How to Rate Car Haulers on Super Loadboard, and Why the Feature is Important

by Ben Price

A rating system is an absolutely necessary feature as it allows users to distinguish between trustworthy and untrustworthy users. Whether you’re using eBay, Etsy, Amazon, or an auto transport load board, having the ability to rate your experience with other users is a very important feature. 

Unfortunately, not all car hauling load boards have this feature. Many smaller load boards out there don’t offer any ability for users to rate others, and even Central Dispatch – currently the most popular load board with the largest user base – has an extremely limited system. While it does have a barebones one, it doesn’t have other options like the ability to leave comments, add additional details, or anything beyond simply a positive or negative rating.

This is one of the biggest complaints that many users have brought up regarding Central Dispatch; many feel that the platform should offer more options when rating users, and forbid more negatively rating haulers from taking loads. Super Dispatch has aimed to perfect this feature, with Super Loadboard possessing a more advanced system for rating others; here’s how the rating system works, and why it’s such an important feature.

More Than Just a Positive or Negative Rating


Rating users on Super Loadboard is incredibly easy and straightforward – by navigating to the Manage Carriers section, you can click on the carrier of your choice which takes you to that carrier’s page. By clicking on the pencil icon on the top right side of the page, you’re given the option to rate said carrier.

Similar to Central Dispatch, Super Loadboard allows users to rate their experience with others, by either giving a negative or positive review. But unlike Central Dispatch, where anyone can rate others’ profiles, only those who have a proven transaction on the platform are capable of leaving reviews on Super Loadboard. In addition to this, you can add additional information on ratings, such as check-marking boxes to indicate whether the order was on time, if customer service was any good, and if you thought the hauler had good communication. You’re also given the option to add any additional comments, where you can specifically note any good or bad experiences in your own words.

Read Other User Reviews

This rating system is great, as it allows users to do much more than simply rate their experience as good or bad – they can offer detailed reviews, and share their experience in their own words. Platforms that offer the ability to leave user reviews are incredibly useful, as it always helps to read other users’ words. This is helpful for the carriers themselves by offering helpful feedback, but it’s also useful for fellow users as it can help better inform them which users are more reliable and trustworthy.

Negative Users Can Be Blocklisted

Another shortcoming of Central Dispatch’s rating system is the fact that it doesn’t offer any form of accountability for bad users with overwhelmingly negative reviews. Super Loadboard once again improves in this category: users have the ability to not only leave negative reviews, but can even Blocklist users who have failed to deliver or pick up orders. Blocklisted users will be unable to book any additional loads, and can only become un-blocklisted by completing an order or resolving the issue.

This offers a way of penalizing bad carriers, which is a feature that’s entirely absent from Central Dispatch; combined with the rating system, Super Loadboard offers far more options for users to rate carriers, penalize poor car haulers, and use a platform that is overall much safer and easier to use.

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Super Dispatch is an advanced platform that offers both an in-depth transportation management system and load board, allowing dealers and brokers to list their loads online, find the best carriers for the job, and easily communicate with them while on the go. Users can also easily manage inventory, file reports, handle billing, and much more through the platform – while saving plenty of time, effort, and money along the way. Request a demo today!

Published on July 15, 2022


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