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Why You Should Move All of Your Loads Using Super Dispatch

by Ben Price

Whether you’re a dealership, broker, or auto auction, shipping cars is essentially the same process; list your load on a load board, and then wait for car haulers to respond, requesting to book your load. And when it comes to moving loads, there are certainly no shortages of options. 

Many dealers and brokers may even use multiple platforms for moving their loads, however, this is counterproductive; using multiple load boards means that you’ll have to spend additional time listing loads, responding to users on all platforms, and might even lose track of which loads are posted on particular load boards. You should instead move all of your loads using Super Dispatch, as it will make your job considerably easier; here’s why.

Save Time by Only Using One Load Board

It takes time to list loads online; time that could– quite frankly– be better spent elsewhere, like running your business. Instead of double or triple listing the same loads across multiple load boards, it just makes more sense to use only one. Listing a load on multiple load boards can also get confusing as well. 

Load boards like Central Dispatch don’t feature in-app messaging, so getting contacted directly by phone or email means you have to constantly have your phone or PC readily available, which makes booking a load unnecessarily time-consuming. It also means that you’re limited to booking loads strictly within your work hours, which greatly hinders productivity. Super Loadboard, on the other hand, doesn’t require user contact outside of its platform, and allows you to move cars 24/7.

Save Money 

Apart from simply being unnecessary, using more than one load board is very expensive; cutting down on load boards is an easy way for your business to save money, without losing out on anything. Most load boards require monthly subscriptions which can get pretty expensive. So instead of using several different ones at once, stick to just one and you’ll save hundreds of dollars annually.

Super Dispatch Has More Features and Tools

Another reason why you should move all of your loads with Super Dispatch is the fact that you’ll also be able to take advantage of the platform’s other features and tools which can improve efficiency to move cars, as well as your business – and they all come bundled together with Super Loadboard. Users can book loads instantly with preferred carriers, which removes several steps of the booking process and benefits from working solely with verified carriers, which are car haulers that have already have their required paperwork and are ready to work – two features that are only available on Super Dispatch.

Along with a load board, Super Dispatch also bundles together an advanced transportation management system that simplifies how dealers and brokers can conduct business. More easily filing paperwork, directly communicating with carriers, and GPS tracking are some great features that our Shipper TMS provides, to name just a few.

Try Super Dispatch Today

If you’re looking for the best possible service for listing your loads online that’s both affordable and packed with features, then choosing Super Dispatch is simply a no-brainer. It makes no sense to use multiple load boards at once, especially considering the fact that Super Dispatch can do everything that its competitors can, and more. Move cars faster by choosing Super Dispatch – request a demo today!

Published on August 25, 2022


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