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5 Key Advantages of an Advanced Load Board

by Kacie LaCombe

Load boards are among the most crucial tools of the auto transport industry. Connecting carriers and shippers to facilitate transportation, the right load board can help ensure that vehicles get moved at optimum speed and efficiency.

Of course, no two load boards are alike. Using an advanced load board that directly connects to an auto transport platform can greatly improve your car shipping performance. Equipped with a TMS and increased visibility, Carriers and Shippers can eliminate the headaches, questions, and time wasted on outdated manual processes and the never ending phone tag.

Here are five of the key advantages of an advanced load board:

Provides 24/7 access. When a car needs to get from point A to point B, there’s nothing worse than idle time. An advanced load board makes it possible to book loads anytime, anywhere — even on the weekend or in the middle of the night. By enabling carriers and shippers to facilitate loads at a moment’s notice, shippers can help ensure that not another wasted minute goes by and Carriers are able to take better control of their work flow.

Avoid status calls. Everyone benefits from transparency throughout the shipping process. With an advanced load board, it’s easy for Carriers to update their location and progress, enabling Shippers and Carriers to see precisely how a job is progressing. Not only does this provide greater visibility into shipping operations, but it’s also a customer-friendly solution for auto transport brokers that provides peace of mind.

Offers proactive load suggestions. To save time and maximize efficiency, advanced load boards can suggest loads that match previous routes. Combined with mobile notifications, this means that Carriers know as soon as a relevant load is available, making it easier to access the best loads first and fill trucks to capacity quickly.

Enables instant booking, bidding, and load requests. Strings of phone calls, endless rounds of phone tag, and unanswered voicemails add unnecessary friction to the basic act of coordinating loads. An advanced load board is intuitive, making arranging a load a simple, straightforward task. And because advanced load boards are connected to a full auto transport platform. For example, at Super Dispatch, the Shippers and Carriers experience on our platform includes a transportation management system (TMS), our Super Loadboard, connected to our free auto transport app, and more. This way, carriers and shippers can streamline workflows using a single source of truth with access to every tool their need to manage their business and to move cars.

Eliminates paperwork. Hauling expensive cargo like vehicles requires important documentation from start to finish, but by relying on pen and paper, fax machines, human errors and missing documents can quickly add up to expensive mistakes. Advanced load boards remove the need to keep track of everything manually, placing crucial shipping, billing, and o

Super Dispatch’s Super Load Board offers advanced features that go above and beyond that of a traditional load board. And as part of a comprehensive auto transport platform, Super Dispatch allows Carriers and Shippers to manage and grow their business with high speed and visibility. To see what’s possible with Super Dispatch, start your free trial today!

Published on April 29, 2021


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