How to Ship Cars from a Dealership

by Ben Price

With an ongoing supply shortage that shows no sign of stopping, auto dealerships must look to expand into markets outside of local business. Thus, offering both online car sales and car shipping is simply a no-brainer. But when business owners begin leveraging online car sales, there is one question that’s bound to arise: how do you ship cars from a dealership?

Many auto dealers may not know the answer to this question, as for many, it’s out of their wheelhouse. Well thankfully, shipping cars from a dealership isn’t as complicated as it sounds, and with the right tools it’s actually quite straightforward – here’s how!

Consider Hiring an Auto Transport Broker

If you don’t have the time to find Carriers to take loads yourself or simply don’t want to put in the additional effort, one option of shipping cars from your dealership is to simply hire an auto transport broker to do it for you! While it is more costly, auto transport brokers are incredibly efficient at what they do, as they’re capable of linking you up with experienced Carriers that can deliver your cars,

However, hiring a broker isn’t always everyone’s preferred option if you’d rather be in full control of who is transporting your cars, their delivery statuses, etc. While more time-consuming, running your business’s shipping services yourself should save your business money and allow you to have more control.

Use an Advanced Load board

If you want to have full control of your business’ shipping services, then you should invest in a load board. Load boards are absolutely crucial for shipping cars, as they act as a marketplace for Carriers and Shippers to do business with each other. Load boards allow you to list your loads that are in need of shipping, your price, and any additional details such as the time needed for pickup and delivery, distance, and more.

Advanced load boards like Super Loadboard even include additional features such as the ability to directly communicate with other users straight from the app, without the need to ever respond to an email or pick up your phone. 

Super Loadboard also features a far more robust rating system than most other load boards, with viewable custom reviews and ratings. There’s even built-in GPS tracking, which allows you to track orders once they’ve been picked up by a car hauler. Advanced load boards really are the only option nowadays, if you want to ship cars from your dealership free from hassle. 

Invest in a TMS

Additionally, a TMS solution is recommended for dealerships looking to ship cars easily. A TMS stands for transportation management system, and is essential for shipping cars online. 

One of the biggest perks of having a TMS is the ability to automate certain tasks, such as filing reports, sending e-documents, and handling payments, and other paperwork. A TMS allows your business to save endless hours of busy work, while also allowing you to keep all of your auto transportation-related work in one single place.

Try Super Dispatch

You may want to consider investing in Super Dispatch, as our platform includes both an advanced load board as well as a TMS solution, in one neat complete package. Our all-in-one platform is equipped with everything that your business will need to move cars, and can greatly bolster your company’s productivity and efficiency. 

If this sounds like a service that your business could really benefit from, then consider trying it – request a demo with us today!

Published on September 13, 2022


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