How Shippers Can Master Their Customer Experience

by Ben Price

Car delivery is quickly evolving, with more services than ever springing up and creating a more streamlined experience for the entire auto industry. New technology has allowed for faster turnaround times for shippers, high quantities of vehicles that can be shipped, and an increased revenue, though it still seems as though many shippers are lagging behind.

With major retailers in other industries like Amazon offering faster shipping, lower rates, and an overall more customer-focused approach, customers expect the same level of quality in other marketplaces. The auto industry must learn from companies offering the “Amazon approach” and adapt in order to meet customer expectations as well.

Today, we’ll be sharing four ways in which shippers can master their customer experience!

Utilize Advanced APIs

Application programming interfaces (APIs) have become an integral part of many businesses. They allow companies to communicate with each other and automate certain processes, such as exchanging digital documents, load posting and invoicing orders. Shippers can utilize APIs to streamline communication between departments, integrate business critical tools such as CRM (customer relationship managers)  and accounting software, and much more easily connect with carriers and track shipments in real time.

APIs are not only beneficial to both shippers and carriers, but also to customers as well. With APIs, ordering a new vehicle has never been easier and makes the entire process far more streamlined. Shippers who are able to offer an excellent customer experience through APIs will be well positioned to succeed in the ever-changing world of car delivery.

GPS Tracking

For years now, customers have had the ability to track their online orders’ statuses via GPS tracking. This has been a staple in e-commerce for over a decade now, and it’s now possible for the automobile industry as well.

Let’s face it: whether they’re ordering a new vehicle or a new pair of shoes, customers love having the ability to track their online orders. GPS tracking allows customers to see where their vehicle is at all times and can feel confident that it is in good hands. Moreover, services like Super Dispatch offer the ability for customers to directly track their order in real time via a map view, and receive regular status updates from carriers regarding whether their shipment is running behind or ahead of schedule.

This type of technology has become an expectation for online shoppers, and shippers who do not offer it may quickly lose business. Implementing GPS tracking is a fairly simple way to improve your customer experience and keep your customers happy. 

This feature is not only beneficial to customers, but also quite valuable for shippers as it can allow them to properly prepare other departments for a vehicle’s arrival, whether to sell or prep to sell, and overall allow an organization to stay aligned and organized.

Streamline Orders with a Customer Portal

Another great way for shippers to improve the customer experience is through the use of a customer portal. A customer portal is a secure hub commonly used on ecommerce websites that allows customers an easy way to access information regarding their orders, eliminating the need for calling or emailing the shippers.

Customer portals are important as they give customers a peace of mind by serving as a place to quickly receive order updates, without the need to wait on hearing back from customer support. Additionally, shippers can easily leverage a customer portal connected to their TMS (transportation management system) by fully automating communication and updates to customers, thus saving themselves valuable time and resources – a win-win for both parties.

Invest in a Quality Shipping Experience with Super Dispatch

Shippers looking to improve their customer experience should consider investing in Super Dispatch, which offers all of the said features and more. Super Dispatch is a system that eliminates the annoying paperwork normally required for car shipment, and streamlines the process for shippers, carriers, and customers alike.

Super Dispatch allows for orders to be processed more quickly and helps to ensure that all of the necessary information is readily available. Super Dispatch also has an excellent marketplace for finding carriers to ship your vehicles, featuring a large network of carriers who have already been vetted and verified. Our Super Loadboard features a rating system, allowing shippers to rate their experiences with carriers and ensure reliable transport. This enables shippers to provide consistently reliable vehicle transportation, build credibility, and ensure that their cars are in the right hands.

If you’re ready to see how Super Dispatch can help you move cars faster, smarter, and easier—all while providing outstanding service for your customers—we’re ready to help. Request a demo to get started!

Published on March 9, 2022


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