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How an Advanced Load Board Can Benefit Your Auto Auction

by Ben Price

As the auto industry continues to struggle to regain its lost ground from supply chain issues, semiconductor shortages, and other economical issues, auto businesses like dealerships, auto brokers, and auto auctions must find new ways to boost revenue in order to stay competitive. Auto auctions in particular have traditionally functioned as in-person businesses, but in recent years they have attempted new sales tactics, such as online auctions in order to sell to a wider audience.

But with online auto sales comes the need for auto transportation – which can be a time-consuming process. While many auto auctions may choose to hire a broker to deal with their transportation needs, others may want to invest in a loadboard in order to handle the transportation process themselves. These are the biggest ways in which a load board – and as an extent to it, a comprehensive all-in-one auto transportation platform – can benefit your auto auction business.

Build Relationships with Carriers in Your Route

One reason as to why your auto auction business should use an advanced load board is that it can help to build relationships with Carriers. Without the proper tools, finding great Carriers in your area can be difficult. An advanced load board has all of the proper features that allow you to easily find highly rated and trusted Carriers, build an ongoing partnership with them, and even allow you to instantly book with your most trusted Carriers via the “Preferred Carriers” feature.  

Eliminate Unnecessary Back-and-Forth

Basic load boards like Central Dispatch can be frustrating to use, as there is a lot of back-and-forth without a single system that ties it all together. For this reason, you should use an advanced load boad – necessary functions such as sending and receiving load offers, communication with Carriers, tracking shipments, etc. can all be done using just one platform, which greatly simplifies things and eliminates unnecessary back-and-forth. 

By using an all-in-one platform, you can greatly improve your productivity level, organization, and communication skills.

Save Money

Though hiring an outside worker to handle your transportation services can help you save a bit of time and frustration, using a load board yourself isn’t that hard – and it will save you a ton of money in the long run. With the auto industry still in a bit of a slump, we understand how important it is to save money any way you can. Load boards can help users save tons of cash every year.

Money can be saved in a variety of different ways; specifically, you can save money in overhead costs, by connecting your personal accounting software, and by gaining a competitive advantage by offering transportation as a service (a service that many auto auction businesses completely lack). Additionally, through the use of advanced software, you’ll spend less time that you otherwise may have to spend finding Carriers, which will allow you to devote more time towards other facets of your business.

Use Super Loadboard Today

Overall, an advanced load board can be incredibly beneficial to your auto auction business in many different ways. If you want to start shipping cars now and are looking for a load board that can fit you and your business’ needs, then consider Super Loadboard.

Super Loadboard is an advanced load board that allows you to communicate with Carriers directly, track your loads in real-time via GPS tracking, book loads instantly, and more. Super Loadboard comes bundled in with Super Dispatch’s all-in-one platform, which also includes a complete Shipper TMS system. Still interested? Request a demo today!

Published on October 26, 2022


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