Biggest Benefits of Super Dispatch’s Fleet Mode



Managing your auto transport business is a lot of work, with many factors all requiring your attention constantly. Thankfully, in recent years, advanced tech like transportation management software (TMS) has allowed business owners to more easily and efficiently operate, and has helped to streamline various aspects of their organization.

One of the many great features of Super Dispatch’s TMS software is its fleet mode – here are some of the biggest benefits of fleet mode, and why you should use it!

Better Management of Drivers

For those who have never tried Super Dispatch’s fleet mode, it is a feature that allows business owners to better manage their auto transport fleet drivers – by turning on fleet mode, certain features instantly become disabled for drivers, including the following:

  • Delete orders
  • Archive orders
  • Send Invoices
  • Edit Pickup/Delivery Company and Contact names
  • Mark orders as Paid
  • Add units to the loads created by Dispatchers and Brokers.

By disabling these features, dispatchers can have tighter control of what their fleet drivers do, requiring their drivers to be in contact with them before doing any of the above actions. This is great for dispatchers with newer drivers or drivers that are still learning Super Dispatch’s system, or simply for those who want to keep a closer eye on their drivers.

Avoid Delivery Mistakes

While Super Dispatch’s TMS solution gives a lot of power to delivery drivers, it’s easy to make a mistake while using it; it’s easy to accidentally mark orders as delivered or paid, and these actions cannot be undone. Therefore, it might be a good idea to use fleet mode if you’d like to avoid any potential mistakes from occurring.

Super Dispatch’s fleet mode can be used as an added security feature, for business owners looking to avoid delivery mistakes and guarantee that new delivery drivers don’t make mistakes while using the mobile app.

Easily Turn On and Off with a Single Click

On the other hand, if you change your mind about using fleet mode, the feature can be enabled or disabled at any time. An aspect of the fleet mode that we love is how easily it can be turned on and off, as this can be done with a simple click of a button. Easily accessible via Super Dispatch’s mobile app or web browser, dispatchers can enable or disable it instantly!

Those who aren’t the most tech-savvy should have no issue with using the feature, given its simplicity and ease of use. New users who feel intimidated by the idea of using new technology for their business can feel relieved, as this feature is incredibly simple to use.

It’s Free to Try

Best of all, users can try the Super Dispatch app and Carrier TMS for free – our management system is completely free to try, with a demo available for new users. Fleet mode is an exclusive feature to Super Dispatch, with other TMS solutions lacking it. Super Dispatch is proud to offer this feature, among many others, that your auto transport business can utilize to help boost productivity and move cars faster.

You can sign up for a free trial today, to see how you like it!

Published on April 25, 2022

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