Five CTMS Features Your Business Might Be Overlooking

November 5, 2019
by Kacie LaCombe

Having a reliable TMS matched with a high functioning app is crucial for any carrier. It’s how a business is run successfully and efficiently. However, what if you want to do more than just that? Well, we have CTMS features for that, too. 

Whether you’ve seen them on your dashboard before or read about them briefly in an email, we put together a list of the most potentially overlooked Super Dispatch CTMS features that are both the easiest to use and most powerful in impact to any car hauling business. 


Splitting Orders and Combining Invoices

We know that loads don’t always come in one car at a time for one driver at a time. Every car hauling business needs to process loads on the go, but that’s not always easy with multiple cars in a load. With this CTMS feature, you actually have the ability to split these orders for when multiple cars need moving and there are multiple drivers assigned. Also, once you’ve split an order, you are able to edit or add notes specific to the driver. For example, delivery information is customizable or you can change special instructions per order. It’s an easy way to get those cars moved without any complications. Now that the order has been split and delivery is complete, there is an easy way to properly invoice all back to one single order.


“With our CTMS, you actually have the ability to split these orders for when multiple cars need moving and there are multiple drivers assigned.”


On top of allowing for a carrier to split orders by car, those loads can be combined into a single invoice. It’s just as easy as when you typically send an invoice with Super Dispatch, including automatically attaching the bill of lading for each order to the single invoice. This combining invoices feature will save time and resources while keeping all of your documents in one place.



Super Loadboard and Super Carrier

It’s always been our mission to ensure that the car hauling industry can manage and grow their businesses all in one system on one platform. While we’ve made it easy to import dispatch sheets, we’ve taken it a step further with building out the Super Loadboard. Our load board is built to ensure that each customer has an end-to-end seamless experience. It's an excellent way to pick loads and make sure trucks stay full, but it is also the best at keeping every car hauling business fully connected from pickup to paid, all in one place. 


The Super Loadboard also provides access to top tier features like 24/7 one-click and no-call load booking, instant booking, bidding and load requests, automatic BOLs, invoices and updates, and free load notification via text and email. 


“The Super Loadboard is not just an excellent way to pick loads and make sure trucks stay full, but it is the best at keeping every car hauling business fully connected from pickup to paid, all in one place.” 


Want even greater access? As a Super Dispatch loyalty program, as an extension of our CTMS features and free app, car haulers can sign-up as a Super Carrier. This means that your requests will register at the top of the list, being seen by brokers and shippers before all other carriers. This gives first access to the best paying loads. Also, signing up costs nothing. Check out how you can sign up as a Super Carrier today. 


Trips Feature

With the trips planning feature, certain orders can be bundled together to assign, track, and manage them in one place. Trips can be built and then assigned to a driver. It’s a feature that creates a seamless experience in mapping a trip with multiple loads to a driver and only takes seconds to do. Check out this video on how quickly you can plan a trip in the Super Dispatch dashboard. 


Reports Feature

Our reports feature is so much more than just your basic reporting. From expense management to custom reports, this CTMS feature alone can help transform any car hauling business. 


“From expense management to custom reports, this feature alone can help transform any car hauling business.”


Reports is perfect for visualizing your operation from a spreadsheet while allowing you to sort and sift through as much or as little data as needed. Comparing Orders Created at the beginning of the week vs. Orders Delivered may be a way for a carrier to know what vehicles delivered and which fell through the cracks. 


This CTMS feature also allows for you to build out financial specific reporting. This can be built to render better data around accounts receivables, payables, driver pay, and more. Also, pulling a report for the revenue generated over the week, month or year can be helpful to easily build better forecasting.


Fleet Drive Mode

For dispatchers or accountants who need better access to managing loads and multiple drivers, the fleet drive mode can be a lifesaver. While drivers can still create orders while fleet mode is enabled, they won’t be able to delete orders, archive orders, or send invoices. What this does is ensure that drivers can’t accidentally delete vehicles or edit information. Here’s a quick guide on how to enable fleet drive mode in your dashboard. 


Carriers have a tough job to do and we want to do all we can to not just make it easier, but to help you be that much more successful. If you’re already a Super Dispatch customer and want to know more about how you can benefit from these CTMS features, contact support on our chat box on the website

Is it time to take your business up a notch with our Carrier TMS? Schedule a call with our specialist here.

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