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Best Practices for Shippers

by Ben Price

Super Dispatch’s all-in-one platform offers an easy and convenient way for users to ship cars online, by connecting with Carriers in their area. Packing both a TMS and advanced load board into one seamless platform, Super Dispatch is one of the most advanced tools for shipping cars that is constantly being updated and improved. Our platform has grown into what it is today because of its users, and how they’ve been able to work together to create a marketplace with a positive user experience.

Unfortunately, it can take some time and experience in order to understand the best practices and values when using Super Dispatch’s platform. To help, we’ve broken down the best practices that Shippers should abide by in order to work well with others and help create a great experience for everyone.

Develop Positive Relationships with Responsible Carriers

If you want to move cars faster, developing an ongoing relationship with Carriers is absolutely key. And of course, you shouldn’t invest time into an ongoing relationship with just any Carriers – if you have a poor experience with a driver, you likely won’t want to continue working with them in the long term.

Instead, work with those who have proven to be more reliable and responsible and reward their hard work with additional loads, a good user review, and marking them as a Preferred Carrier. This will not only benefit them, but yourself as well by growing your network.

Proper Use of Negative Ratings & Troubleshooting

We understand that sometimes you don’t have the best experience with Carriers on the platform – whether a Carrier has arrived late to pick up an order, been less than stellar at communicating with you, has taken longer than expected to send an invoice, or any number of other things. It’s common for mistakes to occur, and they can be quite frustrating.

But in the event of these said mistakes, it’s very important to communicate and voice your grievances first. Instead of rating a Carrier negatively in retaliation to something, it’s always a better idea to talk with the said Carrier and attempt to resolve the issue.

You never know what may have been the cause of a problem – sometimes an issue is just a matter of miscommunication on one end. Utilizing Super Dispatch’s real-time GPS tracking is one way that users can help to prevent this miscommunication, as it allows users to better oversee Carriers and see the status of shipments.

Overall, retaliatory ratings are bad for everyone involved so it’s always recommended to try to troubleshoot an issue before giving another user a bad rating.

Help to Create Marketplace Trust

Trust is one of the most important elements of every relationship, whether it be personal or professional. And when doing business with others, it’s absolutely essential to have the trust of those that you do business with. This means always being transparent and honest with Carriers, being as communicative as possible, and relaying pertinent information whenever possible.

Instilling trust is also very beneficial, as it will help to create long-lasting relationships with Carriers, help your business grow, and create a marketplace that feels safer for others.

Respond to Requests in a Timely Manner

Another important practice to abide by is to always respond to requests in a timely manner. Even though it takes additional time to respond to all requests, sending responses to load requests is the polite thing to do, helps to give Carriers an answer, and allows the Super Loadboard to move faster.

Additionally, Super Loadboard users who mark their favorite Carriers as “Preferred” gives them the ability to instantly book loads and get cars moved without even having to send a message or pick up the phone – completely eliminating the need to respond to requests from said Carriers.

Offer Detailed Reasons for Declining Load Offers

It’s inevitable that not all Carriers will get their load offers picked – you can only pick one Carrier per load, after all. One important practice to always try to implement is to offer detailed reasons for declining a load offer, as it will help Carriers learn and improve.

You should also remember to inform Carriers that responses to decline reasons aren’t sent to users’ emails, which is a common misconception. Instead, they go to Support. If Carriers desire to communicate with you regarding decline reasons, feel free to leave your own contact info.

Honoring Payments on Time

After an order has been completed, it’s customary to pay your Carrier in a timely manner.

And while you may sometimes experience issues with Carriers, it’s not an excuse to take longer than usual to issue a payment, or even outright refuse. Most issues with Carriers are resolvable, and being able to honor payments benefits everyone and helps to create a better marketplace for everyone. 

Have Contact Information Readily Available

One practice that all Shippers should abide by is to always have contact information readily available on their profile – this means having both your phone number and email displayed, so that Carriers will be able to contact you. Having contact information readily available can help by simply making communication more convenient, by offering users multiple methods of contact.

This is important, as it can help Carriers to contact you in the event of an emergency,  avoid any unnecessary back-and-forth, and generally simplify communication.

Have Things in Fine Print

Another good rule of thumb is to have everything in fine print, and easily accessible. By this, we mean information such as your Terms & Conditions and any other pertinent information should be made available for Carriers, either via your profile or given to them directly. By having things in fine print, you can avoid trouble down the road by covering your tracks.

Take Full Advantage of the Tools at your Disposal

Super Dispatch’s Shipper TMS provides users with a wide array of powerful tools and features, from easily filtering orders to setting up automatic notifications for requests and other updates to orders. 

By taking full advantage of the various tools at their disposal, Shippers can not only benefit their own business by saving lots of time and money, but also benefiting the marketplace for others who use it.

Try Super Dispatch

If you haven’t already done so, then consider trying out Super Dispatch – our all-in-one platform features an advanced load board and Shipper TMS that allows your business to automate various processes, more easily connect with Carriers, and increase your revenue in no time. If you think that Super Dispatch is a good fit for your business, then consider trying it out. Request a demo today!

Published on October 5, 2022


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