Online Car Sales: What does it mean for Carriers?

by Ben Price

Since the rise of COVID-19, online car sales have grown rapidly. Whereas only 3% of car shoppers visited online car retail websites in 2017, 17% did so in 2020. And while the majority of buyers still purchase cars in person – some estimates say at least 98% – the number is still steadily increasing, which means that carriers need to properly prepare for this quickly changing market.

With online car sales becoming more common in recent years, carriers must learn to adapt to an ever-evolving industry. In today’s post, we’ll be discussing what this rise in online car sales means exactly for carriers, and what they can do in order to adapt.

Carriers Need Online Tools to Keep Up

With sales going digital, carriers need the proper tools in order to keep up. Car transport software, like a Carrier TMS, is vital in order to stay organized and prepared for the constantly changing market, with the latter simplifying how carriers can schedule and track shipments, manage orders, and provide their customers with a nifty online portal. Some other benefits from using a TMS include more easily shipping large quantities of vehicles, self-dispatching, automating certain processes that normally would be done manually, and completing things like paperwork in mere minutes which can save tons of time and energy.

With so many other businesses switching to transportation management systems (TMS), it’s pretty much mandatory in order to stay ahead of the game. Through using a TMS, carriers will be able to provide their customers with the best possible service, all while allowing themselves more time to focus on other facets of their business.

Deliver More Orders In Less Time

One huge perk of online car sales is the ability of carriers to move cars faster. Through the use of a Carrier TMS solution like Super Dispatch, carriers can deliver multiple orders. Super Dispatch’s free Carrier TMS app can allow carriers to more easily manage their orders via their cellular device, allows carriers to easily contact information, delivery times, and locations, and features robust tools like trip planning and fleet management.

Thanks to the advancement of tech on the carrier side, drivers are now able to move more orders in less time, thus improving the car buying experience for both parties at the same time.

Competition is Increasing

But while technology has allowed for carriers to more easily and efficiently deliver vehicles to buyers, this has also created somewhat of a double-edged sword: more available resources also mean more competition in the auto transport industry as well. 

This is great for customers and sellers, as it means that cars will more frequently be shipped and sold, but it unfortunately means that carriers have more competition. And in order to gain a competitive advantage, carriers should strive to adopt a more digital workflow, gain a strong understanding of the system, and strive to build better relationships with shippers.

Online Sales Are Permanently Changing the Industry

Online car sales are not a temporary solution to the pandemic lockdowns, but an evolutionary step for the automobile industry as a whole, with the new method of car purchases only getting bigger over time.

Carriers must not only accept this new change but fully embrace it as well. Online car sales are not only helpful for buying vehicles but also allow for residential or local delivery to personal homes as well. This also allows for dealers to form new relationships with buyers and other dealers and can help forge partnerships that otherwise would maybe never have been possible.

Online car sales may not ever fully take over physical retailers, but signs are showing that they will become more prevalent in the coming years. Instead of resisting this new way of doing business, carriers must fully embrace it in order to move their businesses forward and expand more than ever before possible.

Simplify Your Job with Super Dispatch

At Super Dispatch, we want to provide carriers with the best possible means for delivering cars. With Carrier TMS, auto transporters have the ability to move cars faster, smarter, and easier, and stay ahead of the curve in the age of online car sales. If you’re ready to see how Super Dispatch can help improve your business, then feel free to sign up for a free trial to get started today!

Published on March 15, 2022


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