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Why Carriers Love Super Dispatch

by Kacie LaCombe

Since the beginning, Super Dispatch has put an emphasis on the core of our business and the lifeblood of the auto transport industry – Carriers. There isn’t a single business in our industry that isn’t dependent on carriers, and that’s something we strive to honor both within in our support and platform. 

It is because of all these carriers who have supported Super Dispatch that we’ve not only been able to be the industry leading app, but we’ve been able to continually work to build everything carriers need because of the feedback and candid conversations. 

As we’ve been fortunate enough to be so close with the carrier community and find new ways to help their businesses, here are just a few of the reasons why car haulers use Super Dispatch. 

Fully Digital & Electronic 

From sending BOLs to financial reports, everything is digital. By being able to operate on electronic devices and digital workflows, carriers are able to work faster, easier, and safer. By accessing the platform from a phone, tablet, or computer, the workflow of managing loads and operations is much quicker. 

At the end of the week, I was spending anywhere from 4-5 hours getting my invoices together sending them to different companies. And now at the end of the week I spend 20 minutes and print a report out and I’m done.” – J & J X-Clusive Auto Transport

For so many carriers, life is lived constantly on-the-go. Leveraging an electronic device for your auto transport tools means carriers can send BOLs with advanced inspection photos from their phone, book loads on the road, and even send invoices instantly to get paid faster. And with digital documentation, all of your most important documents are securely stored, easily accessible, and kept organized all in one place. Drivers can send BOLs on the go, without the usual fax machine stop. 

Best eBOL app out there, period! Basically everything that a carrier needs, including a way to keep track of what’s paid and not.” – Engaged Transport


Connections & Integrations

There are so many different tools for varying needs within the auto transport industry, but when your tools aren’t connected and communicating together, it puts carriers behind and becomes a huge time suck. At Super Dispatch, we have the technology to connect carrier’s other tools like accounting software and even other load boards. 

Importing from Central Dispatch can be done with the click of the mouse which saves a bunch of time. The dashboard was made so that it is so intuitive – it’s almost too good to be true.” – Bill, Fleet Owner.

Being able to operate off of one platform is crucial for businesses who want to act fast and work smarter, which is why we enable carriers to import loads from other load boards like Central Dispatch for a more seamless workflow. 

That it keeps the loads organized and integrates with quickbooks. You can research loads and everything is there at your fingertips.” – Sandra, Fleet Office Manager

Through advanced technology, Super Dispatch also makes it possible for carriers to connect their favorite accounting software, like QuickBooks, to the platform. This helps carrier sync their accounting data with the system to better manage cash flow and build custom reports. 


Built by Carriers for Carriers

In auto transport, car haulers are more than a group of vehicle shipping professionals, they are a family. Trust and reliability amongst each other is crucial, and we know all about that first hand. 

Here’s the thing, you guys actually listen to your customers. That’s how you get better, that’s how you move forward.” – Charles, Alpha Elite

Super Dispatch was born from our very own CEO and product leader having carrier experience. They quickly related to every pain point a carrier runs into day-to-day and decided to take action. First came the eBOL/ePOD app to eliminate paperwork and help carriers work faster. Soon after, the Carrier TMS was built to give carriers a full back office right on their phone and computer. 

The quality of service we have gotten from both the software and the support team will make us customers as long as we are in business!” – Bill, Fleet Owner

This dedication of listening to carriers isn’t just a core value, but it’s directly taken into consideration and implemented in the solutions we build. 


Car haulers are such a critical part of the auto transport industry, and thus, they deserve the best. The mission at Super Dispatch has always been and will continue to be to create the ultimate experience for carriers on our auto transport platform. 

Curious about your experience on the Super Dispatch platform? Start your free trial today to get started.

Published on April 23, 2021


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