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Why Auto Transport Shippers Love Super Dispatch

by Kacie LaCombe

Auto Transport Shippers are such a critical piece to the vehicle shipping industry, but are often underserved when it comes to software and tools. As the auto transport industry has grown to include an end-to-end view, so many of the varying auto transport shippers have been left behind. From brokers to auto auctions to car dealerships, shippers have unique needs and anything that doesn’t meet those needs is a road block. 

Fortunately, shippers were able to find a single platform that streamlined their operations, giving them access to reliable carriers, increased visibility, and improved efficiency all on one advanced system.

Saves Time, Saves Overhead

‘Time is money’ is true for most industries, but especially accurate in auto transport. There are a lot of moving parts and so much to manage, all of which can be completely manual and very time consuming. When shippers are able to automate and streamline elements of their business, like load posting or data entry, they are given precious time back to focus on their business.

In brokering it’s all about time. Super Dispatch auto posts to load boards instead of me manually entering data. And through the Super API I don’t have to enter any information into the system as well. With my volume it would take three or four people to do this.”

– Sean, Transportation Director

Another element for shippers that can drain the clock is the constant flow of invoices, expense tracking, and carrier payments on a daily basis. It can easily become someone’s full-time job, but we realized that it certainly doesn’t have to be. There are obviously critical business elements that need to be handled by hand, but there is a way to reserve manpower for the most precious items and automate manual and monotonous processes to save time. 

We’ve been able to automate our AP process for carriers, reducing the time and manpower required to process payments. We are looking toward further automation of our AR process now.” – Lisa, Jack Cooper Transport

Increased Visibility = Growth

Just by the nature of the business, sometimes managing loads can feel like you’re flying blind. Shippers post loads, hire carriers, manage transport from their office, struggle to track through phone-tag, and depend on outdated inspections and a point of contact at delivery. Not a ton of accessible visibility there. However, when using a system that both connects with reliable carriers and with carriers using the same system, visibility into your loads and your operation instantly increases. 

I love the fact that I can see which carriers run certain lanes! I’ve covered multiple loads quickly using this feature.”

– Bridger, Logistics Director

When shippers are able to take a more informative look into their business, they are able to find ways to optimize their time and forecast their budget in an effort to hit their goals. With an easier and closer look into your operational efficiency, it gives you a perfect glimpse at how to either get your business to a healthy place or it can be the rocket fuel to huge growth. 

With Super Dispatch, we were able to triple the number of transactions without adding a single person.”

– Alex, RCG Logistics.

Move Cars Faster

In addition to saving time, the more shippers can do with the time they have, the better off shippers will be. However, when they have dozens of loads or an overwhelming inventory, it can no longer be a scalable venture for one person. But does that mean you should build out your team? For some, this may seem like the easier next step, but leveraging an auto transport platform can actually take you to the next level faster.

With Super Dispatch, 80% of our loads are delivered in less than 7 days and we went from 9 hours of paperwork to 15 minutes.”

– Backlot Cars

Moving cars faster doesn’t just mean a literal delivery time. We take time very seriously from the second you know you have a car that needs to be moved to the minutes after the car has been delivered and the BOLs and invoices are waiting on you. Streamline the entire flow, from end-to-end, and not only will your delivery times improve, but your office team will have more opportunity with more time. 

Carriers Love Us Too

When Super Dispatch launched, we originally focused on the carrier segment of the auto transport industry. Born from carriers, made for carriers, we have stayed focused on meeting the needs of the lifeblood of our industry. 

We find and grow our carrier network on the Super Loadboard, and we recommend Super Dispatch to all the carriers we know.”

– John, ShipYourCarNow

Carriers needed a working platform to move cars on the road and to simplify their back office. With a fully loaded platform that enables carriers to do their job easier and faster, we’ve proudly partnered with over 20k carriers in our industry. And as we all know, shippers are only as successful as their carrier network. By having a consistent view and access to trusted and vetted carriers 24/7, shippers are only being setup to succeed. 

We Have Your Back

There is just no way to be modest about it, we have the best customer support in the business. From our daily support experts to our dedicated account managers to our load matching specialists, we’re here for you. We take our position as an extension of your business very seriously. We love to win, but the only way we can is if you do. 

When we work with Super Dispatch, our feedback is implemented. That’s huge. That fact that you listen to the customer.”

– Alex, RCG Logistics 

At the end of the day, no one knows auto transport better than the carriers and shippers on the ground everyday. So a huge part of what we do is listen. If there is anything we can do to give you or your customers a better experience, we’ll find a way. 

Super Dispatch support gives us an overall peace of mind and our customers have a better experience.”

– Jonathan, Broker

The auto transport community is one we’re incredibly proud to serve and very honored to be a part of. And our commitment to building the perfect auto transport platform for both carriers and shippers is stronger than ever. Are you a shipper curious about what Super Dispatch can do for you? Request a demo today to learn more!

Published on August 13, 2021


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