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Tips for Maximizing Your Trailer Capacity on Every Trip

by Ben Price

There’s no question that a lot of money is in the car hauling industry; owner operator car haulers can earn great income by hauling cars, although it takes some strategy and planning in order to succeed. 

One factor that greatly contributes to one’s earning potential is the ability of maxing out a car hauling trailer’s capacity. Maximizing your trailer capacity means always delivering the largest amount of vehicles possible at any given time, which equals more deliveries per week and therefore more money. Here’s a few tips for maximizing your trailer capacity on every trip.

Plan out your Route Strategically

One important factor that contributes to your hauling capacity is the route that you choose to drive. If your trailer can hold five vehicles at a time, make sure that you plan your route out in such a way that you’ll be able to hit enough stops to pick up enough vehicles to fill your trailer to maximum capacity. 

Planning out your route can be difficult without the proper tools – but thankfully, Super Dispatch has just the thing for: Loads Along the Route is a new feature in Super Dispatch’s Carrier TMS that allows car haulers to easily find loads along or within a certain parameter of their driving route, making the process of finding and booking relevant loads easier than ever before.

Leverage Load Alerts

In addition to smartly planning out a route, you can also help maximize your capacity by properly utilizing Super Dispatch’s load alerts feature. Load alerts allow users to create saved searches that automatically notify you whenever a load that fits a specific parameter is posted on the Super Loadboard. So by using load alerts, users you’ll be able to book the loads that you want faster than others, and have a greater chance of filling your trailer’s capacity.

Use a High Capacity Trailer

The size of your trailer will have a large effect on how many cars you can deliver at once. If you want to really maximize the number of vehicles that you can haul at any given time, then you should use a larger capacity trailer such as a multi-car hauler which can hold up to eight cars at once. 

Because of their larger capacity, multi-car haulers can allow your business to deliver more cars per week and earn more cash than ever before.

Haul Lighter Vehicles

Another important factor to consider when delivering loads is weight capacity; while they can hold a lot of weight, all trailers have their own respective capacities. While some trailers such as the removable gooseneck hauler can hold up to 42,000 pounds, smaller trailers can only hold a fraction of that.

If you want to maximize your trailer’s hauling potential, then you should know the weight of the vehicles that you’re hauling. Heavy vehicles like trucks, vans, and electric vehicles all weigh quite a bit more than other models, so you should keep this in mind when taking loads. 

For example, the average van weighs roughly 4,500 pounds while the average sedan is only 3,000 pounds – therefore, a trailer with maximum weight capacity of 15,000 pounds can either haul three vans, or five sedans.

More loads mean higher profits, so you may want to prioritize light vehicles as your trailer will be able to hold more vehicles before reaching its maximum weight capacity.

Try Super Dispatch

Hauling cars isn’t always an easy job, so it’s important to have the best tools at your disposal. Super Dispatch is an all-in-one platform that allows car haulers to more easily and efficiently find loads, store all of their work-related info, send eBOLs, and much more. If this sounds like something that your car hauling business could use, then try out Super Dispatch – try out a 7-day free trial today!

Published on January 10, 2023


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