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While car hauling can be a lucrative business venture, actually finding high-quality loads within one’s preferred area isn’t always easy. Whether it’s due to a shortage of loads in a specific  region or insufficient tools for finding the right loads, Carriers aren’t always able to fill their trucks to maximum capacity, which results in them not reaching their maximum potential profit.

Finding valuable loads along any given route is also time consuming, with drivers and their dispatchers sometimes spending hours searching for prospects. Car haulers often deal with receiving offers for loads that are completely outside of their regular route or completely irrelevant, which just wastes the time of both the Shipper and the Carrier. And while some Carriers might be willing to go outside of their regular route to make pickups and deliveries, this should never be necessary.

Additionally, Shippers struggle with finding drivers in their area. This is either because their loads are located in rural areas, or not directly along drivers’ particular routes which makes it more difficult for the loads to be found with standard searching tools. Sometimes, Shippers will  spend several hours manually making phone calls or emails to Carriers, only for none of them available to take their loads. This results in loads getting delayed or canceled and money lost.

Luckily, Super Dispatch has a solution to this issue, with a brand new feature called Loads Along the Route.

Introducing: Loads Along the RouteLoads-along-the-route-demo-gif

Whether it’s at pickup, delivery, or somewhere in between – Carriers need to be operating at capacity to maximize their earnings and get the most out of every single trip. And ideally, they should be able to do all of this in one place, 24/7. Luckily, with Super Dispatch, now they can. Introducing our newest feature – Loads Along the Route. With Load Along the Route, Carriers can now easily find loads that are available along a searched route. It allows Carriers to easily find loads within their current area, pick up and delivery locations, and along their driving routes.

By inputting their desired driving route from point A to point B and the chosen mile radius, users are able to view relevant search results within their trip. For example, if a Carrier inputs Los Angeles as their starting destination and Seattle as their destination with a radius of 50 miles, they will be able to view any loads that are within 50 miles of that particular driving route. From pickup to delivery.

This allows Carriers to see loads that are most relevant to their delivery route, eliminating any loads that are too far out of the way, or outside of one’s preferences. This feature is intuitive, easy to use, and can be accessed directly from the Super Loadboard. 

Why Use Loads Along the Route?

Loads Along the Route simplifies the process of searching for loads, saves hours of time that may have otherwise been spent manually searching load boards, and allows drivers to earn more money by maximizing the number of loads delivered during trips. With an ever hostile economy and the hustling nature of being a Car Hauler, take back control of your work by keeping your trucks at capacity on the routes you prefer no matter the time of day. Optimizing your travel time with Loads Along the Route saves tons of time, effort, and frustration, and with it Carriers can make more money than ever before.

Available Now

Just booked a load? Access Loads Along the Route today on the Super Loadboard to start maximizing your trip!  

If you don’t already have Super Dispatch, then consider trying it out for free today. Super Dispatch is an all-in-one platform that packs in both a Carrier TMS and advanced load board, which allows you to book loads 24/7, automate your manual workflows, and securely organize your back office in one place. Try it out for free today!

Published on December 15, 2022

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