Tips for Hauling an Exotic Car

by Ben Price

In the car hauling business, you can often be tempted to take loads that offer more cash per load. But loads that pay more tend to also have more work associated with them, whether it means driving a longer distance, handling a larger load, or accommodating more expensive vehicles.

Shipping luxury, exotic, or vintage vehicles is an excellent way to make some extra cash, as higher value cars usually mean higher payout for haulers. Specializing in exotic cars can be a smart move in order to corner a niche market, especially because exotic car hauling typically offer higher pay for carriers! 

With that said, exotic car hauling can sometimes be more difficult than shipping most other vehicles as there are more steps and precautions to take into account. Carriers should know a few things before taking these types of loads; here are some tips for shipping exotic cars.

Use Enclosed Shipping

Exotic cars are obviously higher value than non-luxury vehicles. Because of this, car haulers need to take additional precautions when shipping these vehicles. Haulers need to be extra careful when shipping exotic vehicles, and in order to do so, you should ship them using the safest of means possible.

For this reason, car haulers should use enclosed shipping when hauling exotic vehicles, in order to better protect their loads. While open shipping is cheaper, it can sometimes result in damage during transit. Enclosed shipping protects vehicles from all of the following:

  • Bad weather conditions
  • Dirt, rocks, or debris
  • Potential road hazards
  • Other vehicles

Use a Hydraulic Liftgate

There are two ways of loading vehicles; using ramps and then driving a vehicle onto the truck, or by using a hydraulic liftgate. Using a hydraulic liftgate may be the preferred method of loading an exotic car, as it is usually easier on a car’s undercarriage. Many exotic vehicles have low ground clearance, so if a liftgate isn’t used, you run the risk of scraping or damaging the vehicle’s undercarriage (most often the front bumper) while loading or unloading it. So by using a hydraulic liftgate, you can ensure that the front bumper and undercarriage of the exotic vehicle will remain undamaged.

Additionally, another benefit of using a liftgate is that it prevents wear to the car’s clutches. If a hauler uses a ramp to load a vehicle and is less experienced, they can run the risk of the clutches of the car. Hydraulic lift gates will eliminate the risk of wear to the clutch(es) of the vehicle.

Take Lots of Pictures Before Shipping

Sometimes, even taking precautions and treating a vehicle as carefully as possible isn’t enough. Some things are outside of our control, and damage may occur. Or sometimes, even when a vehicle is unharmed during the moving process, haulers might still get blamed for scratches, dents, or bumps that an owner spots after a vehicle’s arrival. In order to protect yourself from damage claims, it’s absolutely essential to take as many pictures of exotic cars before you transport them. 

Taking photos allows you to have a record of the current condition of your load before delivery so that you can have proof of its condition beforehand. So, in the case of getting a damage claim made against you after an inspection, you’ll be able to protect yourself to avoid being fined.

Invest in Super Dispatch

In order to save time and money in exotic car hauling, it’s a smart move to invest in a transportation management system. Nowadays, the industry largely relies on technology to simplify how business is conducted with advanced TMS solutions handling various processes like sending BOLs, managing contacts, filing and sending reports, contacting customers, and much more. 

Super Dispatch’s advanced platform can do all of these things and more, with an easy-to-use mobile application. If you’re looking to get into exotic car hauling and want some assistance, then consider trying Super Dispatch for free today!

Published on July 13, 2022


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