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How Important is a Good Inspection for Car Haulers?

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False damage claims are all too common, with most car haulers experiencing at least one in their business. Insurance battles with customers over false damage claims are equal parts time consuming, stressful, and expensive, as losing to a damage claim can cause a business thousands of dollars. As a result, a good Bill of Lading can quite often make the difference between making money and losing it.

That’s why Super Dispatch started out as an electronic Bill of Lading and photo inspection app years ago — and though we’ve expanded into a complete TMS for car haulers and shippers, our BOL feature is more important than ever.  Haulers can cut inspection time in half with our electronic wire frames, unlimited high-res inspection photos, and damage markings; here’s how.

The Flaws of Manual/Paper Inspections

If you have a 94 Corolla rolling off a transporter and a paper bill of lading, that’s one thing. But when you have a million plus dollar car, guys look at them with a magnifying glass.

Super Dispatch’s electronic inspections have been a game-changer for many car haulers in the industry. EM Logistics for example, is the car hauling half of a luxury car dealership called Exotic Motors Midwest. Before using Super Dispatch, drivers at EM filled out paper BOLs and carried around digital cameras to document damages, which often took far longer than desired. Zack, the Transportation Manager at EM Logistics, loves that his drivers can now just use their phones.

“If you have a 94 Corolla rolling off a transporter and a paper bill of lading, that’s one thing. But when you have a million plus dollar car, guys look at them with a magnifying glass,” Zack says about the benefits of electronic BOLs. “I tell them any paint chips, scratches, anything, take a picture. So I’ll have a bill of lading that has 50 photos attached to it. But that saves us ultimately. That’s for sure the best part about Super Dispatch, I’d say.”

With Super Dispatch, a car hauler can customize the terms and conditions for the pickup and delivery signature, take an unlimited amount of inspection photos (and store them in the cloud without taking up storage space), and send invoices or BOLs instantly. Paper BOLs and inspections just can’t keep up with how quickly cars are being moved in 2022.

Biggest Benefits From Electronic Inspections

No False Damage Claims

One of the biggest benefits of electronic inspections is that it can allow auto transport workers to better avoid getting stuck with false damage claims.

The shipper said we scratched the mirror and made a dent in the car. Then I showed the broker our pick up photos…he said woah, I think everyone ought to use this program.

Super Dispatch customer Charles Jones of Alpha Elite Transport has won false damage disputes time and time again because he uses Super Dispatch’s photo inspections feature.

Jones shared his experience with us, stating that “when my driver tried to deliver a truck, the shipper said at pickup that we scratched the mirror and made a dent on the car.” Jones adds: “Then I showed the broker the pick up photos… that saved us a lot.”

Repeat Business

Though this goes hand-in-hand with false damage claims, a good inspection will almost always create repeat business for a car hauler. Consistent, careful, and thoughtful work is what makes Super Dispatch customers the most successful car haulers in the industry. It’s not only clean for car haulers but Shippers and Brokers too. Some of our Broker customers even require that their car haulers use Super Dispatch to process loads because of how uniform and thorough inspections are with the tool.

Quick Payment

Jones also loves how quickly he gets paid using Super Dispatch through payment options like Cash on Delivery or Net 60. Not only that, but Super Dispatch also has an activity log for each load that Jones has used to prove when an invoice was sent to a shipper or broker, and demand payment in a timely manner.

Communicate With Customers More Easily

As a final note, remember to always communicate clearly with customers. Super Dispatch’s system makes it so easy to dispatch orders, inspect cars, and run your car hauling business through improved technological communication. But that doesn’t mean you can’t also proactively communicate with customers throughout the process!

  • Tell the shipper when you are inspecting the vehicle, and allow them to be involved in the process.
  • Follow up when you send an invoice or BOL.
  • Urge any signatory to read your terms and conditions.

Being proactive can mean a world of difference for auto transport drivers. Grow your business, don’t just run it.

Completing a Great BOL and Inspection with Super Dispatch

Completing a great BOL and inspection report is easier than ever with Super Dispatch. With our advanced tools, car haulers are able to accomplish their reports from the palm of their hands. If you’d like to simplify how your car hauling business handles inspection reports and BOLs, then Super Dispatch may be a great fit for your business. Consider trying a free trial today!

Published on November 29, 2018


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