Should You Transport Inoperable Vehicles?

by Ben Price

The auto transport industry has become significantly more competitive and difficult to thrive within in recent years, with more owner-operators than ever before in an unpredictable industry that is constantly changing. And in this rather cut-throat industry, carriers must do what they must to stay afloat.

One excellent tactic that many car haulers have tried is specializing in specific loads, or niche markets – whether that may be transporting only motorcycles, vintage or exotic vehicles, and more.

And one niche market that few haulers choose is inoperable or non-running cars – vehicles that don’t currently operate or run. While a smaller marketplace, there are various benefits to strictly hauling inoperable vehicles; here they are.

Cornering a Niche Market

The biggest reason for why you may want to start hauling inoperable vehicles is the fact that there aren’t that many car haulers doing it – and you could make a name for yourself as a carrier that specializes in hauling inoperable vehicles.

Cornering a niche market is an excellent way for any business to gain success, regardless of the industry. There will always be a need for those who are specialists in certain fields, as not everyone carters to said niches.

This can be said about inoperable vehicle haulers, as they very much cater to a niche market that is still very much in-demand. With less in-op drivers, there are more loads to go around – and by solely hauling inoperable vehicles, you can corner the market and potentially complete more loads which also means more money.

Hauling Inoperable Vehicles Pays More

One important thing to note when shipping a car that’s inoperable is that there are a few extra steps that might be taken; this doesn’t necessarily make the process of shipping an in-op car more difficult, but just different. Firstly, to ship a car that doesn’t run, you’ll either need a winch, which is a device that pulls cars up by a chain, or a liftgate, which is used for loading cars into an enclosed carrier. Either of these options is suitable.

This need for specialized equipment does indeed mean more upfront costs for your business, but in turn, that higher operational cost allows you to pass it onto the consumer. As an in-op car hauler, you are a specialist in your field, and can therefore get away with charging consumers more money for your services. A higher rate combined with lower competition makes shipping a car that’s inoperable incredibly lucrative, and an excellent option for carriers that are looking to increase their income.

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Published on August 17, 2022


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