PRESS RELEASE: Super Dispatch Launches SuperPay, the First-in-Market Integrated Payments Feature


Introducing SuperPay

Super Dispatch Launches SuperPay, the All-New, First-in-Market Integrated Payments Feature within an Auto Transport Platform 

SuperPay Allows Automotive Carriers to Manage and Receive Payments Directly from Automotive Shippers in as little as One Business Day


January 18, 2023 – Kansas City, Mo. – Super Dispatch, the industry-leading car shipping platform, announced today the launch of SuperPay.  SuperPay is an integrated and automated payment feature within the Super Dispatch platform that utilizes a combination of ACH transfer capabilities paired with an intermediary digital wallet, allowing shippers to pay carriers in as little as one business day.  SuperPay eliminates the need for fragmented payment systems and streamlines the accounting process.

Incorporating Digital Delivery Verification, SuperPay gives Brokers and shippers a 48-hour window to place a payment on hold while confirming that the correct vehicles were picked up from and delivered to the right location.  This capability reduces the need to verify every delivery manually and only manage exceptions.  Digital Delivery Verification also encourages carriers to implement proper inspection practices before an automated payment can be issued.  Carriers know when a payment is initiated and can view real-time payment status updates without contacting the shipper multiple times.

A long-time Super Dispatch customer, M&J Automotive, noted that SuperPay saves their office staff between one and three hours daily by avoiding alternative payment methods requiring complex login requirements and providing visibility into the payment status, unlike cash or check. 


Bek Abdullayev, Super Dispatch Founder and Chief Executive Officer explained, “With SuperPay, brokers, shippers, and carriers can now monitor and manage the entire payment journey from initiation to acceptance.  No other industry platform offers this capability and insight.” Abdullayev continued, “Automotive carriers and shippers work hard every day with no time to waste managing multiple applications for every process, especially the payment process.   Super Dispatch changes the game by giving shippers and carriers a centralized location with all the necessary information to move cars, from posting and booking loads to initiating and receiving payments with SuperPay.”


SuperPay from Super Dispatch is built by the same team which makes it easier to move cars faster. For more information, please contact a Super Dispatch representative at [email protected].


About Super Dispatch

Super Dispatch is the end-to-end shipping platform backed by a digital suite of tools built to make the lives of auto transport industry professionals easier. Connecting shippers, brokers, and carriers with innovative software enables them to move cars faster while managing and growing their businesses.  SuperPay is the all-new payment feature that streamlines the payment process and allows shippers to pay carriers in as little as one business day.  Super Dispatch is headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri. Please visit our website at or reach us on social media to learn more about our platform.  


Published on January 31, 2023

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