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How to be Successful in Your First Year as an Owner Operator

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“Know your numbers and treat your Broker like your best customer.”

That’s what Kevin Rutherford thinks. Rutherford is an Owner Operator Coach and a Sirius XM radio host of the program Lets Truck. Recently, he spoke at the Mid America Trucking Show and gave a seminar called “Don’t be a One and Done: Survive your first year trucking with authority by knowing your customer.”

Though Rutherford spoke to general freight truckers, Super Dispatch put together some of his best suggestions as they apply to car haulers. Take a look:

Know Your Numbers: Keep Track of Your Finances.

Obviously, Super Dispatch is biased – we absolutely agree that keeping track of your accounting is the most important part of car hauling. Our car haulers are incredibly successful because they use our reporting features, like accounts payable, accounts receivable, and company revenue reports. Though we integrate seamlessly with Quickbooks Online and Desktop, some of our car haulers only use Super Dispatch to run their trucking business year-to-year.

Regardless of our biases, finances are the most important part of your trucking business, no matter how exhausting the day-to-day trucking is. Even if you don’t use Super Dispatch, owner operators should also find a trucking-specific accountant or financial advisor.

The Broker is the Customer?

Not everyone agrees with Rutherford, especially about Brokering, and he knows that. Often, owner operators don’t trust brokers and vice versa. Many haulers don’t view the broker as a customer at all, but simply a necessary evil to their business.

Regardless, Super Dispatch can prove to be a valuable asset to your business. Our software allows car haulers to simplify how they do business, by completely streamlining processes like filing reports, sending BOLs, and more; and more recently, we’ve added GPS tracking, so brokers can see exactly where carriers and their loads are in real time. If this sounds like something that your business could benefit from, then consider trying it for free today!

Published on May 10, 2018


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