How the EV Charging Action Plan will Impact the Auto Industry

by Ben Price

Earlier this year, United States President Joe Biden announced the National EV Charging Action Plan, which will fast track the production of electric vehicle charging stations across the country. As part of the plan, $5 billion will be spent over the next five years on building new charging stations for electric vehicles.

U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg shared his thoughts on the plan, stating that “America must lead the electric vehicle revolution” as it will “make EV charging accessible for more Americans.”

With electric vehicles becoming more popular in recent years, it’s clear that they still have a long way to go in convincing many Americans that they are the superior option. But the approval of the EV Charging Action Plan might be just the thing that EVs need to become more mainstream and accessible for more Americans; here’s how.

Eliminating Range Anxiety

At the time of writing, the biggest issue with electric vehicles is the current amount of charging stations readily available to drivers. Though there are a great number of charging stations in the country, they pale in comparison to the number of gas stations. And while many EV users simply charge their vehicles at their homes, this isn’t an option for many of us.

Installing new EV charging stations across the country will allow drivers to have more options for charging, and alleviate range anxiety that many drivers struggle with. This benefits both individual car owners as well as businesses, with auto transport EV drivers gaining more options for charging their commercial auto transport vehicles in-between destinations.

In addition to the high MSRP associated with them, it was found that range anxiety was one of the largest barriers holding back drivers from going electric. So by having charging stations available in closer proximities to drivers, it may be just enough to convince skeptics to finally make the switch to electric cars.

Easier for Dealerships to Sell EVs

This new plan to construct thousands of new charging stations will not only help consumers but also salespeople as well. A sharp increase in EV charging options throughout the country will give consumers more reasons to go electric, and thus make it easier for dealers to persuade customers to purchase their EVs.

Part of the reason why EVs sell poorly is due to the fact that dealers aren’t as well-informed regarding them as they should be; with the popularity of EVs lower, many dealerships don’t have as many EVs in stock, and thus don’t have as much experience with selling them – but within a few years’ time, this likely won’t be the case. With the increase of charging stations, electric vehicles will be more desired by consumers and– as a result– dealerships.

More Environmentally Friendly

Of course, this plan will also change the industry by allowing us to be more environmentally friendly. We’ve known for quite some time that gas-powered cars have a heavy impact on the environment, with greenhouse gas emissions contributing largely to climate change.

Switching to electric vehicles will help lessen the impact that vehicles have on the environment, so making the transition is integral if we wish to lower our overall footprint. And while electric cars still have environmental effects, we do know that it at least is a superior option in many respects.

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Published on May 12, 2022


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