How Super Dispatch’s Integrated Payment Solution Makes Paper Checks Obsolete

by Ben Price

Even in our modern tech-driven era, many businesses still use paper checks over other options and continue using them to this day. But while the mentality of “if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it” may have some level of merit, the benefits that digital payments offer over paper checks are unquestionable.

And this year, Super Dispatch aims to revolutionize how payments are sent and received in the auto transportation industry with the launch of its fully integrated payment solution: SuperPay.

The first of its kind, SuperPay is fully integrated into Super Dispatch’s platform, and allows payments to be processed without ever having to leave the platform or send a paper check. Here are the biggest benefits that SuperPay has over paper checks, and why your auto business should stop wasting time with checks and instead begin utilizing Super Dispatch’s fully integrated payment system instead.

No More Lost Checks

While neither payment options are perfect, paper checks are simply not as reliable as digital payments. According to the Treasury Department, over 1.4 million checks are lost or stolen every single year. This spans businesses all over the country, in every industry, including auto transport workers.

Jay Feffer of Auto Dealers Transport shared in a call with us how SuperPay managed to save him from resending lost checks. “In the past year, I’ve had to stop and resend 75-100 checks. That’s how often checks got lost,” Feffer shared. “Consistently, one a week, sometimes two a week were lost.”

While one or two lost checks is no big deal, losing one check per week is clearly a huge issue. This problem can cause accounting issues, upsetting Carriers, and cause you to fall behind on payments. These issues are greatly limited through the use of digital payments, with SuperPay serving as the perfect solution.

Cutting Operational Costs

Outside of reliability problems, another issue with sending paper checks that many businesses often underestimate is the high operational costs related to them. Paper checks take additional time and labor than electronic payment methods, and as a result can cost businesses a lot of money in the long run.

It’s been estimated that businesses can save a whopping 75% or more when they automate their accounts payment processes, going from $20 manually per invoice vs only $5 automated. While small expenses individually, these quickly rack up over time, so switching to automated digital payments could save your business thousands of dollars annually.

Fully Integrated

Transitioning from sending paper checks can be a huge change for many businesses, and with so many different ways to electronically pay others, finding the best option out there can often be a challenge.

Thankfully, Super Dispatch makes it easy for its users; SuperPay is fully integrated, meaning that you won’t have to waste time signing up for third party payment applications like Zelle, Venmo, or Paypal. You also won’t need to handle banking information for Carriers, as all banking details are handled internally by Super Dispatch. It also helps to eliminate the possibility of double paying, which is an issue that is far too common with other payment methods.

Overall, SuperPay offers a simple, easy, and approachable alternative to paper checks that can help your business save both time and money in the process. If this sounds like something that your business would benefit from, then consider trying it out today.

Super Dispatch is an all-in-one tool for moving cars, packing in an advanced transportation management system, load board for finding Carriers, and the ability to pay users all without ever leaving our system. Request a demo today! 

Published on February 6, 2023


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