How Much Does It Cost for Dealers and Brokers to Ship a Car?



Whether you work as an auto transport broker, car dealership, or auto auctioneer, shipping cars is an excellent business venture. But on the other hand, it can often be a costly one, so it’s incredibly important to factor in all of the costs associated with it beforehand.

There are several major costs that go hand in hand with shipping cars that dealers and brokers must consider, so we’ll be sharing those today; let’s discuss all of the major costs associated with shipping cars, and exactly how much it costs to ship a car.

Length of Travel

One variable to take into account when figuring out the cost of shipping a car is the overall length of travel and distance. The further a car must travel, the more expensive it will be to ship – especially nowadays, considering the price of gasoline.

Cost per mile can range depending on the total distance, with it costing anywhere from $0.40 to over $1.00 per mile – long-distance trips over open highways may be cheaper per mile, with short trips having a higher cost per mile. This varies depending on the car hauler and the trip, however.

Time of Year, Weather Conditions, Time Frame, and More

The time of year will also have an effect on the overall price of shipping a vehicle. Shipping a car during peak months when haulers are busier will typically be pricier – but on the other hand, shipping during Winter months when haulers must deal with snowstorms or other weather delays may also result in higher prices.

Additionally, if your auto transport job must be completed within a tighter time frame, this usually also results in a higher cost. Just like how ordering one-day or two-day shipping on Amazon, demanding a quicker shipment option results in a higher price overall.

Paying Car Haulers

Getting a car hauler to ship your vehicle is costly in and of itself, as drivers must be paid for their labor. If you use a service such as a load board for finding a car hauler, the price may vary from driver to driver.

Super Dispatch’s Super Load board, for example, features a bidding system where shippers name their price, and carriers are allowed to bid and send offers on loads and are able to try to get a higher price if they want. Depending on the transaction, some shippers may wind up paying their car haulers more.

Tools & Systems

It also costs money to use any additional tools and systems, such as a TMS (transportation management system), a CRM (customer relation system), a load board, and more. TMS solutions are used to more easily and efficiently manage, GPS track, and stay connected with drivers, as well as file and store paperwork. While optional, a TMS is one of the most valuable tools available for businesses to ship cars faster.

If a TMS sounds like something that your business could use, then consider trying Super Dispatch. Our Shipper TMS allows organizations to find the perfect haulers for their shipments, stay connected with drivers and customers, and simplify how they do business. Try a free demo today.

Published on June 7, 2022

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