How a TMS Solution Can Increase Revenue for Auto Carriers



Often working long shifts during all hours of the day, auto carriers are faced with difficult jobs. Some deliveries can even go all night, which can be downright exhausting and incredibly draining. As a result, auto carriers need to have the ability to complete their jobs as easily and efficiently as possible, in order to help minimize hassle and maximize profit.

A TMS solution can aid drivers and fleets by allowing them to pick up more loads, shorten the amount of time spent completing reports and other paperwork, and simplifies their job by combining many applications together into a single solution. By using a TMS solution like Super Dispatch’s Carrier TMS, auto carriers can increase their revenue in the long run; here’s how.

Pick Up More Loads Than Ever Before

One of the biggest benefits of using a TMS solution is how it allows drivers to get more loads, at a faster rate. Advanced load boards allow users to choose from a large selection of loads, with advanced filters and search capabilities that lets them select the perfect loads that fit their schedule and monetary requirements. These features allow carriers to much more conveniently find loads, and to pick up more than before.

Additionally, Super Dispatch’s Super Loadboard has the added conveniences of importing loads from Central Dispatch, the other major load board, as well as creating trips. Trips are an exclusive feature that allows users can string together multiple loads in order to deliver several shipments at once, which saves time, work, and gas money.

Moving Faster With Streamlined Workflows


While auto transportation can be very lucrative for many, drivers understand that every minute spent off the road completing other tasks is time and money lost. A TMS solution is incredibly valuable as it allows users to complete said tasks more quickly and easily, and directly from their mobile devices.

So rather than spending additional hours sending reports, invoices, and other paperwork via an office fax machine or computer, users can complete such tasks directly from their TMS software. Other tasks like status calls can also be done through the app as well. This will save tons of time, and allow users to spend more time actually driving and completing deliveries.

Instant Booking

One added benefit is with Super Loadboard– a free extension to the Super Dispatch TMS– and its Preferred status feature. This exclusive feature, where shippers are given the ability to mark carriers as Preferred, enables them to instantly book loads without having to call, send an email, or bid on a load. Being a car hauler with a preferred status is immensely valuable, as it allows drivers to book loads even faster than ever before, and complete deliveries with fewer steps along the way.

If you happen to be an auto transport driver, then you may want to consider trying Super Dispatch. Anthony W., the owner of Capterra, shared his own great experiences with Super Dispatch, stating that the service “simplifies everything related to auto transport, [and saves] serious time and serious money.” 

Our Carrier TMS solution helps drivers by simplifying how they do business and can let them increase their revenue in no time. Feel free to try a free trial today.

Published on May 4, 2022

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