How a TMS Solution Can Improve Your Workflow



Whether you work as an auto dealer, auto broker, or car auctioneer, shipping vehicles after they are sold can be a lot of work. From filling out the necessary paperwork to the facilitation of a vehicle’s pickup and dropoff points, there are many tedious steps that must be completed. And in order to do so, it’s important to have the best possible tools at your disposal.

Instead of using older methods for auto transport, trying more modern methods may make your job significantly easier and less stressful. A transportation management system (TMS) may be the perfect solution, as it allows users to digitize many of the processes associated with auto transport. Here are just a few ways that a TMS solution can help to boost your workflow.

File and Store Digital Documents

Filing and completing paperwork can take up a lot of unnecessary time and effort. Therefore, an advanced TMS solution’s ability to cut out the need for filing physical paperwork is incredibly valuable. Traditionally, filing paperwork involves several steps such as the act of filling it out, sending it (either via email, fax, or snail mail), and then waiting for the paperwork to be received. And of course, all of these steps must be completed from the office.

With a TMS solution, this process is greatly simplified; users can complete all paperwork digitally from their mobile devices, from wherever they are. Instead of having to wait 1-3 business days for their recipients to receive and complete their side of the paperwork, everything is sent instantly with zero wait time. This can save tons of time for all parties involved.

Access to All Contacts, In One Place

A TMS solution also helps to improve your organization by storing all of your contact information into one single source – no need to ever worry about losing contact info, pour through work rolodexes, or search your email for lost contact info ever again. 

Super Dispatch’s Shipper TMS also has the ability to fully integrate with a CRM, which allows users to automate customer messages and lead marketing in addition to having full digital access to contacts. With an advanced TMS solution at your fingertips, all of your work-related contact info will be readily available and easier to access.

Oversee Your Auto Transport Drivers in Real-Time

Super Dispatch’s Shipper TMS offers additional value with one of its newer features: real-time GPS tracking. If you’ve recently shipped a car and want to ensure that it reaches its destination safely and on time, you now have the option to check on its status in real-time thanks to Super Dispatch’s new GPS tracking feature.

Users can now see precisely where an auto transport shipment is located, message the driver directly at any time, and give direct updates to customers as well, which can greatly improve customer satisfaction.

Try Super Dispatch

If your business is still stuck in the past and using outdated workflow tools, then there’s a chance that you need an advanced TMS solution like Super Dispatch. Our convenient mobile application and web app offer an abundance of great features including entirely digitized paperwork, the ability to send and receive invoices instantly, store all contact information in one convenient place, use advanced real-time GPS tracking, and much more. After trying Super Dispatch, you’ll never want to go back to the old days of physical paperwork ever again; request a demo today!

Published on June 10, 2022

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