Digital Retail and Wholesale Logistics Playbook for Selling Cars Online


Auto Transport Digital Strategy for Selling Cars Online Wholesale and Retail Logistics

With chip shortages, economic dips, and a pandemic still biting at our heels, the auto industry had to take a deep look into its vulnerabilities. The outcome? Going digital is no longer the future, it’s the present. 

This past year, 30% of U.S. new car sales were completed online, where before the pandemic, digital auto purchases were less than 2%. With such a positive customer experience, digital car sales are set to only rapidly increase. From auto auctions to car dealerships, building a digital strategy for your operation is imperative. And in a time when businesses live and die by their growth, including transportation must be part of the equation. And transport isn’t just about getting cars moved, it’s a tool to create the Amazon experience for your customers, and as a profit extension to the center of your business. 

The Playbook

As we approach a slower car sales season, now is the time to set-up big plans for successful execution – or get left behind. Start here with our playbook to build your digital strategy


What Now?

There are so many moving pieces in the auto industry, so it’s no wonder that the most successful auto companies have found partners to help digitize and centralize all of their most important tools to sell cars online, seamlessly manage transport, and grow their business all-in-one. 

Take this playbook as your starting point to navigate your digital journey and get your plans off the ground. Want to know more about how Super Dispatch can help take your auto business to the next level and own your transport? Request a free demo today!

Published on November 23, 2021

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