Best Online Resources for Auto Dealers

by Ben Price

In an industry that is constantly changing and evolving, running an auto dealership is understandably hard work. In order to stay on top of things and continue to be successful, auto dealers need to take advantage of the many modern tools at their disposal. We scrubbed the internet to find the best online resources for auto dealers on how they can help you run your business more successfully. Here they are:

Educational and Training Resources

There are tons of great paid and free online training courses and educational materials available online, which can help dealerships with staying up to date in the industry. One great resource for training in the industry is the National Automobile Dealership Association (NADA), which provides a large range of online training materials and tools through its academy. Check it out fif you’re looking for training courses regarding the current auto industry – they offer both online and in-person classes!

Auto Industry Blogs

Online blogs can also be a great resource for auto dealers, offering the relevant news within the industry, the latest trends in marketing and sales, and much more. Blogs such as this one can also offer insightful perspectives on various topics related to the auto industry that you may not find from other mediums, such as personal takes on current trends or recent events.

Web Forums

There are also many online forums available that auto dealers can take advantage of in order to connect with others in the industry, ask questions, and get valuable feedback and opinions. The Dealer Fresh forums are a great option, as it’s well moderated and offers a wide range of topics related to running a dealership.

Industry Regulations

Of course, another important online resource for auto dealers is those that offer guidance on auto industry regulations. These can be extremely helpful in ensuring that your dealership is compliant with all the latest rules and regulations. The Federal Trade Commission’s Auto Dealers page is a great resource for staying up to date on auto dealer regulations.

Licensing Guidance

There are also many resources available online that offer guidance on auto dealer licensing. This is an important process for any auto dealership, as it ensures that you are operating legally and within the bounds of the law. The NADA Dealer Licensing Guide is a great resource, as it provides detailed information on everything from state requirements to the different types of licenses that auto dealers need.

Bonding Resources

Another important aspect of running a successful auto dealership is being properly bonded. This helps to protect both dealers and customers in case of any fraudulent activity or other problems that may arise. Bond Exchange has a helpful guide on auto dealer bonding that may be worth checking out.

Marketing Resources

In order to attract customers and drive sales, auto dealerships need to make use of effective marketing techniques. Luckily, there are plenty of great marketing resources available online that can help dealers to improve their marketing efforts. There is no shortage of online guides, blog posts, and ebooks that offer helpful tips for auto dealership marketing strategies, with one great example being Auto Sweet’s Car Dealership Digital Marketing Playbook.

Sales Resources

In addition to marketing resources, auto dealerships also need to utilize sales resources in order to close deals and increase revenues. Having a great sales strategy is integral to keeping a business afloat, so if you’re struggling in this field, definitely invest your valuable time in online resources related to auto sales.

Advanced Software and Tools

Perhaps the biggest resources that dealerships should utilize are advanced software and tools. These can differ immensely in terms of their uses, with online tools ranging from customer relationship management (CRM) solutions to managing dealership operations (DMS solutions). One of the most crucial auto industry tools that often goes unnoticed by dealers, however, is transportation management software (TMS).

Shipper TMS software is a great resource that can help auto industry dealerships manage their shipments, track their vehicles, and much more. It’s perhaps one of the most valuable online tools available today, as it allows dealers to complete day-to-day tasks much faster and more efficiently.

If this sounds like the sort of tool that your dealership could benefit from, then consider trying Super Dispatch’s Shipper TMS + load board. Our Shipper TMS solution is easy to use and affordable, while our advanced load board allows dealers to easily find and connect with highly skilled car haulers. All in all, our system allows dealers to ship cars faster than ever before – request a demo today!

Published on June 8, 2022


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