3 Ways to Safely Keep Cars Moving During COVID-19 with Super Dispatch


Nothing during this strange time may be certain, but we do know it’s important to gather information and plan accordingly to ensure that businesses and individuals are set up to take care of themselves and their organizations. 

As we finally see an uptick in loads and recovering auto transport businesses, we are also seeing spikes in COVID cases in major cities. What we’ve learned from the initial onset of the pandemic is that there are some simple steps everyone can take to help stop the spread which include social distancing, wearing a face mask, frequent hand washing, and staying home. But how do you maintain these preventive steps without sacrificing work in the auto transport industry?

Technology can be intimidating, but it is also the key to not just surviving COVID-19, but maintaining success. Whether you are leveraging the free app or a transportation management system (TMS), here are three significant ways leveraging the Super Dispatch platform will help your auto transport business stay healthy and successful through the next wave and beyond. 

Digital Document Sharing 

Safely exchanging documents and information is critical to successful deliveries and keeping drivers safe during COVID-19. Whether it’s a bill of lading or shuffling through other dispatch sheets, coming in contact with potential COVID transmission seems unavoidable in the exchange of paperwork. Being able to send and receive information without risk of contagion, and without creating a speed bump in the process, just isn’t possible with the traditional use of paper and frequent phone calls. Digital storage and sharing of information is one of the more significant ways an advanced platform helps drivers, dispatchers, and fleet managers do better business while staying healthy. 

“With the Super Dispatch app, car haulers can complete inspections, bill of ladings (BOL), and complete and send invoices right from their phone.”

With the Super Dispatch app, car haulers can complete inspections, bill of ladings (BOL), and complete and send invoices right from their phone. This saves time on the back and forth, but also eliminates the need for physical contact typical of the traditional paperwork process. Also, where drivers might typically have to enter a truck stop or alternative office space to find a fax or printer, they now can completely operate from their phone. This helps complete transportation faster while drastically reducing the potential to be exposed to a virus. 

By maintaining a digital footprint as the foundation of document storage, management, and exchange, drivers are taking a huge step in protecting themselves, their families, and co-workers all for free. 

Enables Work From Home

At a nearly 20% national unemployment rate, the pandemic has reared its ugly head attacking the livelihood of people everywhere. It’s not enough to just be health conscious during this time, people are also having to find ways to continue employment – auto transport is no exception. Fortunately, as massive auto transport states have begun to reopen, we are finally starting to see the uptick in loads so that the auto transport industry can begin to recover. However, in the event of additional waves of the virus, many are still fighting for a job or a way to work safely. 

“…leveraging a modern auto transport platform can enable you to run your business from home.”

For many brokers and shippers, going back to your traditional office space can still put yourself at risk for spread where you’re unable to social distance or maintain frequent sanitation. This is where leveraging a modern auto transport platform can enable you to run your business from home. With a platform like Super Dispatch, a shipper or broker can seamlessly connect to a carrier while also integrating all other necessary business tools like accounting software and marketing applications, you can run, manage, and promote your business with just a computer, wifi, and Super Dispatch.  

“…run, manage, and promote your business with just a computer, wifi, and Super Dispatch.” 

Every auto transport business shouldn’t be robbed of their livelihood because of a pandemic and outdated software. Leverage a modern platform so that you can continue to work and maintain business without putting yourself or your business at risk. 

Social Distancing Made Easy

As we know from COVID-19, the fastest way to spread the virus is by not keeping distance from others. This doesn’t just mean physical contact, it includes respiratory transmission. The 6-foot apart recommendation isn’t necessarily to prevent you from touching one another, preventing you from coming in contact with the virus via someone’s sneeze, cough, or even just breath. As most car haulers know, that’s nearly impossible. Even with a majority of car hauler apps, you still have to present your personal phone for a contact signature. 

Many shippers and carriers have permitted drivers to forgo the signature, but this isn’t sustainable and can lead to several liability risks to the driver. What a driver really needs to protect themselves is a contact-free transportation process. With the Super Dispatch app, not only do you have the previously mentioned digital sharing, but you can now pick up and deliver cars completely contact-free. Touchless Delivery is the newest feature in the app where a driver simply selects Touchless Signature when prompted, the contact receives the inspection via text message, they submit their signature from their own phone, and then the signature is automatically updated on the electronic BOL within the driver’s app. Every driver can now safely keep working while protecting their health. 

As a whole, we don’t know when normalcy will return or what normal will even look like. But we do know that if we stick together through all the changes and waves to come, we can help each other stay safe and continue to maintain success in our industry.  

What tips and tricks are you using through Super Dispatch to stay safe on the road? Email us at [email protected] and let us know how else we can support you. Not a Super Dispatch user, but ready to get started? Sign up for a free trial today. 

Published on June 24, 2020

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