4 Signs Digital Dealerships Need a TMS



In an industry that is continually growing more reliant on online infrastructure, running a business without a reliable management system can be incredibly difficult. A digital automotive dealership in particular can be quite tricky to handle without a TMS (transportation management system) solution, and if you don’t currently have one, then you may want to change that.

There have been many misconceptions regarding what a TMS is and isn’t, but today we’re going to help clarify that fact. At its basis, a TMS can help manage car transportation for a dealership’s inventory, but many dealerships also leverage a TMS to assist with inventory management, vendor or general data management, and more.

In today’s post, we’ll be discussing four signs that may indicate that your digital dealership may need a TMS solution.

Wasting Time Completing Paperwork

Completing paperwork can be a huge pain in the neck, as it’s both time-consuming and dull. But more importantly, time spent on paperwork between departments and fragmentation takes away from time that could be better spent on more important tasks, like selling to more customers. If you feel like too much of your time is spent hand-writing, sending, and receiving physical paperwork to and from clients, then it’s a sign that you should probably switch to an advanced TMS solution.

Car transportation management systems simplify paperwork by digitizing the entire process and automating much of it. No longer will users have to wait several hours or even days for clients to mail or fax paperwork, as a TMS solution greatly decreases time spent on these tasks by instantly sending BOLs, PODs, and other paperwork through easy-to-use mobile or desktop applications.

Trouble Staying Organized

Organization can play a huge role in how a business operates – allowing team members to communicate better, offering better data to customers and coworkers alike, and generally being able to move at a faster pace are all benefits of staying organized.

But this is sometimes easier said than done; between keeping track of client contact information, vehicle inventory management, filing regular reports, CRM, and managing vendors, it can sometimes be difficult to stay fully organized. And if organization isn’t your strong suit, then a TMS solution can truly be a godsend for your business.

TMS solutions neatly organize all of your business contacts, vehicle information, as well as other important info all in one single place. For those who have trouble keeping track of physical documents, TMS solutions greatly simplify this process.

Can’t Meet Rising Customer Expectations

The growth in popularity of online shopping and the rise of the “Amazon approach” has made it increasingly difficult for online retailers to meet customer expectations and needs. If your business struggles with keeping up in this department, a TMS solution is likely just what you need.

An advanced TMS solution can greatly improve the customer experience by allowing digital dealerships to easily send online BOLs to customers. An online BOL (bill of lading) contains helpful information such as car specifics, delivery driver info, estimated delivery dates, and more. A TMS solution can allow digital dealerships to provide customers with better service than ever before, by helping them more quickly and easily send helpful info like online BOLs.

Lack of Control

There are many advantages of dealerships going digital, from reaching a wider set of consumers to providing a more personalized experience to shoppers. However, some issues might arise from going digital, including having less control over deliveries and being unable to properly vet delivery drivers.

But by using an advanced TMS solution, your digital dealership can take back control by utilizing tools like the built-in pricing engine, a load board, and e-proof of delivery which are featured in advanced TMS solutions like Super Dispatch. Load boards allow digital dealerships to easily negotiate rates with carriers, easily track transportation and pick from a large list of verified and top-rated drivers.

Try Super Dispatch

If your digital dealership has experienced any of these problems and might benefit from using a TMS, then consider giving Super Dispatch a try. Our advanced car transportation management system has helped to boost workflow and maximize efficiency for dealerships all around the country and can do the same for your business. 

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Published on March 23, 2022

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