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What are the Benefits of Using a Shipper TMS Software?

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‘Logistics’ is a word in the world of shipping that is almost as important as the freight itself. Logistics is all-encompassing, determining what arrives where, at what time, and exactly how fast it gets there. As a consumer, there is nothing worse than expecting your product to arrive at a specific time only to find yourself disappointed by the fact it’s late.

And this is made all the worse when that freight is a vehicle.

At Super Dispatch, our specialty is helping car shippers and carriers streamline the process. With a product as valuable and important as that, the relevance of being timely and organized is all the more prevalent. While manpower is clearly a factor, having the right software in place is a game-changer and has a multitude of benefits. That’s where a transport management system, or TMS, comes into play. Technology is intended to make our lives easier and keep us connected, and a TMS system embodies that. 


Increased Customer Service

In any line of industry, keeping customers happy is the top priority. With a TMS system in place, you are able to access real-time data and statistics about the cost of shipping, the accuracy of arrival times, and the distance it has until it arrives at the intended destination. The TMS provides the customer an easy-to-use portal that they can access at any time, taking away the hassle of the possibility of being put on hold to speak to a customer service rep just to get a quick update. This sort of analytics tracking is important to a customer and is sure to leave them smiling and ready to use your business once again.


Super Loadboard

So how exactly does Super Dispatch differ from our competitors? The answer can be found in our Super Loadboard. 

Our Super Loadboard is a smart marketplace that saves you time and effort by connecting your backend office to the largest network of vetted carriers. By minimizing the time spent jumping between websites and apps, you can get work done more effectively. Since the Super Loadboard is backed by automated carrier matching and our load-matching team, it gives you a greater ability to manage more loads and track shipments more easily. 

Another key feature is the ability to fill out all your necessary documents digitally which not only makes your company ‘greener’, but also eliminates the time-consuming process of recovering lost paper trails or missing important documents.

All of these benefits work together and allow you to move more cars faster, smarter, and better.


Increased Warehouse and Back Office Efficiency 

When integrating TMS software into your shipping process, you will come to find just how quickly and effectively it will influence other aspects of daily operations, including within the warehouse. The data entry capabilities help minimize typos or errors, which therefore allows you to spend less time correcting said mistakes. When working in tandem with an inventory management system, you are able to get an overall combined supply chain visibility that is required to make business decisions that allow for further cost savings while simultaneously decreasing inefficiencies. 

Streamlining office work is important, too. Having to jump through different hoops and portals just to send something as simple and necessary as an invoice is beyond annoying and not something anyone should have to do. With Super Dispatch’s software, it is integrated directly with Zapier, an online automation tool that is compatible with a variety of third-party solutions for billing and reporting. 


Reduce Shipping Costs

With fewer errors, and less time spent correcting them, the effective use of a TMS system allows for the shipper to decrease costs. And in turn, they can pass these savings along to the customer. This is the optimal goal, of course, leading to customers who aren’t only happy, but feel as though they are getting the most value for their dollar. Cars are an expensive and sizable freight, so being able to save money in moving them is all the more important. 

If you’re a shipper, Super Dispatch can also connect to Quickbooks, making it incredibly easy to update and receive payments from a singular, intuitive dashboard. The less hassle and the easier it is for technology to pair up and handshake, the quicker it makes the process go along, saving both time and money for all parties involved. 

In the shipping industry, it is known that not one size fits all. When it comes to running a successful and efficient business, shippers need to be able to customize and optimize a program to fit their needs. With the TMS software from Super Dispatch, not only are you able to browse through a wide range of customizations that best fit your needs, but it will work to ensure that any existing software and new solutions play well together. 


Improved Reporting and Dispatching

Once again, the logistics of reporting and dispatching are absolutely essential. By utilizing manual or outdated methods is bound to bring things to a screeching halt, disrupting productivity and costing both the shipper and the receiver. This is an undesirable outcome, to say the least. However, with the Super Dispatch dashboard, shippers can generate reports directly. This data is essential in business analysis and keeping everything running smoothly. 


Overall Quality

We live in a fast-paced world, and implementing technology to keep things running as quickly and effectively as possible is absolutely essential. Data is just a tap or two away on our smartphones, and being able to track shipping information in real-time is no longer a perk or a benefit, it’s become an industry standard. Providing customers with this sort of data comes with the territory, but being able to give it to them when it’s at its optimal capacity will set you above the rest. Don’t hesitate any longer – add Super Dispatch TMS software to your company today! 

Published on May 21, 2021


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