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How Our Customer Portal Helps Auto Brokers

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Helping customers get their vehicles from point A to point B is not the only thing that matters for auto transport brokers. There’s also figuring out how to offer best-in-class customer service to ensure they have a great experience, leave happy, and—hopefully—return happy.

With instant access to so much information right at our fingertips, that often means real-time status updates and plenty of transparency into their orders. It may seem like an impossible challenge to meet. But when you can offer a customer portal that ties right into your transportation management system (TMS) for brokers, it could be even easier—and even better—than you might think.

Here’s how digitizing your auto transport operations and using the Super Dispatch customer portal can help you.


Improve Your Communication

There is nothing more important to managing (or growing) your business than communication. Unfortunately, communication is also one of the easiest pitfalls to find yourself in. Whether it’s missed calls or emails that get lost in cyberspace, sometimes you don’t connect with the right person. Or a couple of transposed numbers, a miscalculated ETA, or a too-late update mean that one small human error leads to a very big customer problem. And the more touch points you have and the more people in the chain of communication, the likelier you are to see at least the occasional communication breakdown.

That’s where our customer portal comes in. Automating information between your carriers and all the way to your customers can help you ensure the necessary paperwork, real-time status updates, and other vital details are right where you need them—any time, day or night. No matter your time zone or theirs, your customers can get instant updates on their vehicles and put their minds at ease. Give your customers direct access to condition reports, GPS tracking, and timeline estimates, saving them stress and saving you time.

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Get (and Stay) Organized

You have plenty to keep track of, and there’s no reason to split your focus even further by managing your business across a bunch of different systems. Using a customer portal that ties into TMS systems for brokers can help make sharing information from one place as easy as a click of a button (or better yet, a preplanned automation).

When a car is picked up, for instance, the driver’s update is shared to your TMS—and then automatically sent out via text to your customer. Or when it’s delivered, the invoice is triggered and sent right to their email inbox. Automate all your most frequent (or most tedious) tasks by integrating other software applications with our easy-to-use platform.

Say goodbye to playing phone tag, to jotting down numbers on sticky notes, to trying to read your own scribbles in order to update your electronic systems. No need to keep scrolling through your email, trying in vain to piece together chains of messages or to figure out who you need to follow up with. Keep track of your shipments and your customers in one place, and then give your customers access to the information they need. What could be easier than that?


Keep Customers Happy

We know that for brokers like you, making sure your customers’ cars get where they need to go is only part of the picture. Offering them an exceptional experience with plenty of transparency and regular updates is what keeps them happy and coming back.

With a turnkey solution like Super Dispatch’s customer portal, you can offer them the white-glove service they deserve. Don’t leave them hanging, waiting for an update, ever again. Automate repetitive tasks, from creating orders to downloading eBOLs and ePODs (electronic bills of lading and electronic proofs of delivery). Share the same custom and templatized reporting you know and love from your own TMS system—so they too can search, sort, and review their orders to their heart’s content, any time they like.

And of course, when you save so much time cutting out the back-and-forth and scrambling to keep things straight, you can reinvest that time in providing even better service for your customers. That’s a true win–win!


Try Super Dispatch

The team at Super Dispatch is eager to help the auto transport industry move cars faster, smarter, and easier. That’s why we designed our TMS systems for brokers—including our customer portal, auto transport load board, and other digital solutions—specifically with you in mind.

If you’re ready to see how Super Dispatch can help you provide outstanding service for your customers with safe and efficient delivery, we’re ready to help. Sign up for your free trial to get started today!

Published on January 26, 2022


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