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5 Exclusive Features That Super Loadboard Has Over Central Dispatch

by Ben Price

Load boards are the meat and potatoes of the auto transport industry – they’re absolutely integral for dealers and brokers looking to sell and ship vehicles online, as it allows them to connect with car haulers near them at a much faster and more efficient rate.

But some load boards lack key features present in others – some of which make a world of a difference when it comes to user experience and efficiency. Central Dispatch has the largest user base of any other load board, and as a result, users flock to it just so that they can get connected with a larger pool of potential drivers. But numbers aren’t everything – Central Dispatch is riddled with flaws, some of which can cause a lot of frustration for its users.

While Central Dispatch hasn’t done much to fix its flaws, other load boards on the market have taken notes and improved on many of Central’s shortcomings. Super Dispatch’s Super Loadboard is now leading the pack, offering great exclusive features that make it the superior option for users. These are five exclusive features that Super Loadboard has over Central Dispatch.

Preferred Carriers

One of Super Loadboard’s best features is the ability of using “Preferred Carriers.” This feature allows users to mark any of their previous carriers as “preferred” status, which essentially allows that carrier to book a load from said shipper instantly without the need to place a bid. This can save both parties quite a lot of time that would otherwise be spent waiting for the other user to respond to a bid or booking request.

This feature is most valuable in how it allows shippers to book loads faster and easier, without ever needing to leave the app. Shippers on Super Dispatch with a robust list of Preferred Carriers are capable of moving their loads much faster, all without ever having to pick up the phone or send a single email.

Carrier Vetting

Vetting your carriers is a strenuous, but necessary process that greatly increases the chances of success for a business. Nearly all businesses do it before hiring new employees, however, many load boards lack any true vetting process. Many free load boards and even Central Dispatch, which has a high monthly fee, don’t have a thorough vetting process. As a result, many untrustworthy carriers or even scammers have the ability to accept loads, which causes clear problems for unsuspecting brokers and dealers.

But unlike Central Dispatch and many other load boards, Super Loadboard vets carriers before they are allowed to receive a Verified Carrier Status and actively monitors them to ensure that they stay up-to-date on all paperwork. Additionally, all carriers on Super Loadboard must become Verified within 30 days of joining in order to retain their access to Super Loadbaord. This feature improves the load board’s security and allows users to book carriers without the fear of working with a bad hauler. Thanks to this, car haulers who use Super Loadboard are more likely to deliver loads successfully and efficiently.

User Blocklisting

On a similar note, Central Dispatch lacks the ability for bad users to get banned for breaking clear rules. Carriers who have F-ratings will remain on the load board, regardless of how many negative ratings they receive. While some users are fine with this, others would prefer for repeat offenders to get banned from the system permanently or temporarily. Additionally, we vet ratings to ensure that only bad actors are impacted by ratings.

Super Loadboard has tighter rules than Central Dispatch, with only verified carriers having the ability to place bids and requests to shippers. Additionally, shippers who have an outstanding issue with a carrier can designate the carrier as “Blocklisted.” With a blocklisted label, they will not have the ability to book or request loads inside the Super Loadboard. And while it’s possible to get the “blocklist” label removed by resolving the issue, this feature allows Super Loadboard to be a much more secure and safe platform for shippers and car haulers alike.

Price Negotiations

One of the frustrating parts of using Central Dispatch and other older load boards is how many actions cannot be done online, and must be settled via a phone call, email, or other exterior forms of contact. One of these is price negotiations – on Central Dispatch, users cannot negotiate prices within the system. If a car hauler wishes to negotiate a load’s price, they must do so via external communication.

This is not the case with Super Loadboard, however. Users can negotiate prices for loads within Super Loadboard’s system. Similar to auction sites like Ebay, carriers can offer prices or bids for taking loads, and shippers have the ability to offer counter prices. Again, this is a feature within Super Loadboard, which completely eliminates the need to call or email other parties and save yourself time!

GPS Tracking

Just added earlier this year, one of the most impressive features that Super Loadboard has over Central Dispatch is its GPS tracking. Through Super Dispatch’s Shipper TMS and electronic BOL, users can track their car shipments in real-time, seeing exactly where the car haulers are at any given time. This feature allows dealers and brokers to closely monitor their shipments and make sure that it’s on track for delivery or updated information on potential delays.

Try Super Dispatch

Overall, Super Loadboard has many features that Central Dispatch simply lacks – and as a result, it is superior to it. Super Loadboard offers additional features, a modernized design, and an overall better experience for users. Consider trying out Super Dispatch today.

Published on July 14, 2022


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