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Why You Should Use Super Dispatch’s Preferred Carriers Feature

by Ben Price

Shipping cars can be a great way to make quite a bit more money for your business, whether you run a car dealership or auto auction. And for the better part of the past two decades, load boards have become the go-to way for finding car haulers to move your cars from point A to point B. However, not all load boards have the same level of security or monitoring that they should – load boards like Central Dispatch lack a way of marking the Carriers that you prefer working with, and rewarding those who you tend to work better with.

For this reason, your business should stick to only working with Carriers that have been properly vetted. Thus, you should use preferred Carriers, which is a classification found on Super Dispatch’s own load board, Super Loadboard. Here are the biggest reasons why you should use preferred Carriers.

Instant Booking

On platforms like Central Dispatch, all communication between a Shipper and a Carrier must be done on external devices such as a phone or email which can quickly become a lengthy, arduous, and tiring process. But this isn’t the case with Preferred Carriers – when a user marks his or her Carrier as “preferred,” they will unlock the ability to instantly book loads without needing to communicate with you at all.

Instant booking means that you will spend less time waiting around and more time getting Carriers to move your cars, and essentially booking loads 24/7, even when you’re away from the office – which also means more money for your business.

Preferred Carriers are More Trustworthy

The idea behind the Preferred Carriers feature is that it lets you work faster and more efficiently with car haulers that are trustworthy. The feature allows you to unlock additional features with these Carriers, and build closer connections with them. It’s far easier to work with those that you have already had great experiences with, because you can rely on them better and trust that they’ll be capable of getting their job done successfully.

And while you can still build a relationship with Carriers on other platforms, Super Loadboard can allow you to stay much more organized by displaying and sorting your Carriers by those who are and aren’t preferred, and communicate with them without ever needing to leave the platform.

Earning More Money

When it comes to making money fast, organization and efficiency is key. And one of the best aspects of Preferred Carriers is the way in which it can allow your business to streamline auto transport, by cutting out all of the time consuming and frankly unnecessary aspects of it. Gone are the days of vetting Carriers and exchanging phone calls and emails back and forth – by working solely with Preferred Carriers, you’ll be able to move cars incredibly fast while earning even more money as a result. 

Exclusive to Super Loadboard

Preferred Carriers are entirely exclusive to Super Loadboard – so if this sounds like something that your business would take advantage of, then we recommend you try out Super Dispatch today. Packing to the brim with other great features and tools including an advanced transportation management system, Super Dispatch may be just what your business needs. Request a free demo today!

Published on October 11, 2022


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