Why You Should Try Luxury Car Hauling



Car hauling can be a very lucrative line of work, but it recently has become more competitive than ever before. One great tactic that many carriers have used is cornering specific niches – specializing in hauling only certain sorts of vehicles.

For example, some car haulers might choose to specialize in hauling exotic cars, inoperable vehicles, or vintage models. One type of car that can be particularly lucrative for businesses is luxury cars or vehicles that are significantly more expensive. Hauling luxury cars might be ideal for car hauling businesses that wish to make more money from individual loads, while also having less competition from peers. Let’s talk about it in more detail.

Luxury Car Hauling Pays More

Arguably, the biggest benefit of luxury car hauling is the higher pay associated with it. Because of their more expensive price tags, luxury vehicles typically require more time and care to move, sometimes requiring specialized gear and tools in order to move them.

Because of this, carriers can easily get away with charging more for individual jobs, which is great for business. What’s more, not all car hauling companies possess the proper equipment required to move luxury cars or simply don’t want to take the additional time and care to do so. As a result, carriers that do offer this service are able to charge a higher fee.

Get More Work By Focusing on a Niche

Like previously mentioned, not as many car haulers are going to be regularly hauling luxury cars, due to the risks associated with transporting them. Carriers should probably only haul luxury cars if they use enclosed shipping and a hydraulic lift gate, which we’ll get more into later.

Focusing solely on luxury vehicles is beneficial as it allows you to compete with a far smaller group of carriers, while also mastering luxury car hauling to become an expert in the field. Carriers who specialize in luxury car hauling can advertise their business as such, and charge more for their expertise; it’s a win-win.

Take the Necessary Precautions Beforehand

One thing to remember is that luxury cars are, well, luxury items. Because of their higher value, car haulers must take additional precautions when transporting these types of vehicles. 

For this reason, car haulers should use enclosed shipping when hauling exotic vehicles, in order to better protect their loads. While open shipping is cheaper, it has a greater chance of causing damage during transit.

It’s also recommended to use a hydraulic liftgate for loading a luxury vehicle, as it is usually easier on a car’s undercarriage and prevents wear to the car’s clutches. If a hauler uses a ramp to load a vehicle and is less experienced, they can run the risk of the clutches of the car. Hydraulic lift gates will eliminate the risk of wear to the clutches of the vehicle.

Use Super Dispatch for Luxury Car Hauling

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Published on August 2, 2022

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