What’s Holding Auto Auctions Back?

by Ben Price

With the most major industries becoming increasingly reliant on technology in boosting efficiency and workflow, the automotive industry has started to fall behind, with many in the business still relying on outdated systems and procedures. Many auto auctions are unfortunately being held back by various methods and systems, and aren’t reaching their full potential as a result.

In today’s post, we’ll be discussing the various factors that are holding many auto auctions back, and what they can do in order to maximize their potential.

Not Using a TMS Solution

Transportation management systems allow sellers to easily manage their car delivery services, eliminate time spent on monotonous tasks, and automate many necessary processes. By cutting out time-consuming tasks like paperwork and billing, auto auctions can truly maximize their potential.

A TMS solution simplifies the process of selling and shipping vehicles for auctions, effectively speeding up the process and cutting out a large amount of time that would normally be spent filling out paperwork and sending and receiving invoices and payments. Be smart, and invest in a TMS solution today.

Outdated Marketing Strategies

One of the biggest mistakes that auctions can make is not marketing properly. Whether it’s public or private, online or in person, auctions that are not well-marketed mean fewer attendees. So if your current marketing strategy consists of business cards and a few posters, then you might want to try a few strategies to effectively promote your auto auctions.

Social media is one of the best places to market your auto auctions, with popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter being perfect places to post updates regarding your upcoming auctions, share pictures of vehicles that will be auctioned, and more. Social media is also an excellent way to research your competition and see which social sites they use to get the most engagement. You can even try seeing what the highest performing posts are, and then use it as inspiration for your social media strategy!

An additional way of marketing your auto auctions is through email marketing. This tried-and-true marketing strategy works through collecting an email list and sending ongoing messages to subscribers by offering them valuable information in order to sustain engagement and interest. Plus, those who use a TMS solution are capable of integrating their preferred CRM (customer relation management) solution to entirely automate email marketing, simplifying the process even further. Email marketing is arguably the most powerful and cost-effective strategy for marketing events and businesses, and should be a priority when marketing your automotive auctions!

Building Out Ecommerce (Online Auctions)

While the majority of car buyers still continue to shop in person, more and more people are buying cars online than ever before. As a result, it makes logical sense for auto auctions to move online as well. Online auctions are more lucrative than other methods of selling vehicles, you may be missing out by not dipping your toes into the world of auto auctions.

Online auto auctions go hand-in-hand with the previous point of marketing strategies; by moving their marketing efforts online, auctions will be more capable of marketing to potential buyers, wrangling in more bidders, and driving up the price of their vehicles. And for those who prefer physical auctions, it’s also possible to simply add an online element to auctions; this allows you to have the best of both worlds, and still find some great additional success in the digital era that we now live in.

Try Super Dispatch!

If you’re interested in trying a TMS solution, then Super Dispatch is the best option for you. Our Shipper TMS allows users to eliminate tiresome paperwork, more easily keep track of their shipments via GPS tracking, and send and receive payments with just a click of a button. Help boost your auto auctions and car delivery services with Super Dispatch! Book a free demo today.

Published on March 21, 2022


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